Poker After Dark

Daily 2:00 AM on NBC Premiered Jan 01, 2007 In Season





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  • Noisy guys playing with chips.

    I love watching Poker After Dark or any of the other Poker shows BUT I flippin turn off the sound, get those players, certain ones, some toys to play with, the sound of them playing with the chips drives me nuts. Please players stop that noise, I am sure it sounds worse with the microphones but it is annoying.
  • Poker After Dark Review.

    I would prefer to watch the world series of poker but poker after dark is a good show and a lot of fun to watch the play I like the talk between the player is really cool as well as they talk about just about anything and everything the host and the announcers both do a good job and the set is look good as well over all if you stay up late and like to watch Poker on TV then this is a good show if don’t like staying up late are if you don’t like to watch poker the this is not the show for you my over all rating is 9.9 out of 10
  • Not nearly as good as High Stakes poker - but good player nonetheless

    The show doesn't have the intensity of High Stakes Poker or even the other WSOP / WPT type shows. $20k to these guys seems like chicken feed.

    They do SEEM to want to win and the play is relatively good - but they don't seem to care as much -- especially in the earlier stages (since only the final person gets paid). The hosts are honestly terrible (cute chicks are great for poker, but they should just be quiet and not interview people if they don't know how to play).. Shawna should just stand there naked and dance -- interviewing people in between hands is like watching amateurs play poker -- painful.
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