Season 1 Episode 3

Episode 3

Aired Sunday Mar 22, 2015 on BBC

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  • missing plotline

    It is perhaps a bad idea to watch this new series of Poldark when you have read the book and have seen the classic series. In this episode they took a of liberties with the original plot by chopping it and shortening it until almost nothing was left. I always really likes the storyline when Ross gets drunk and sleeps with a smitten Demelza and all the things which came afterwards until they get married. Here they shortened it to : They sleep together, Demelza wants to leave, Ross catches her and marries her ( don't they have to wait 6 weeks for that so that he banns can be read ?).

    In the original the plot in between those two events was an episodes worth of plot. They chopped out a lot of important plot development like Demelza living with her father, finding out she was pregnant and getting kicked out, her living with Jinny and telling Ross stories about a fancy man, Ross finding out and marrying her, because she is pregnant, even though he was to be to leave with Elizabeth who was about to leave Francis and lots of other stuff.

    I could only sit in front of the screen and shake my head about that.

    It looks more glossy than the original and Ross is more sexy, but I liked the original Demelza more and the plot was nearer to the books.

    If you haven't read the books or saw the original series you probably won't mind, but I am a bit disappointed in the series because I miss my favourite scenes and plots.