Pole Position

Season 1 Episode 6

The Thirty-Nine Stripes

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 20, 1984 on CBS

Episode Recap

The kids are in L.A. and are running late for an auction to buy a set of four paintings Uncle Zachary wants. When they get there they learn that three of the paintings have already been sold, and the fourth has had a piece cut out of it the previous night. Uncle Zach is concerned that the perpetrator may be after the other paintings, hinting that there's more than abstract shapes on the canvas, but turns down Dan's demands to give them the full story. Kuma, meanwhile, is on a cola binge.

Still hoping to get the remaining three paintings, the kids drive to the private mansion of Miss Pillar, a wealthy older woman who is still miffed over not getting the other two. She refuses to sell, but shows them the painting... which has been cut just like before. Tess spots the kitchen doggy-door swinging shut and they race outside, but find nothing, not even with Roadie's scanner. Determined to protect the last two paintings, Dan and Tess talk to the curators of the museums they're in. Daisy and Wheels check out the artwork while Kuma has another soda. That night, Dan falls asleep at his post and a section disappears from the third painting. Kuma picks up a scent and leads Dan to a vending machine, but Dan thinks he just wants a can of pop. He spots a car going past and assumes it's the thief, but when he chases them to a church he discovers a group of nuns in the car. The police arrive and take Dan to the station.

The next day, the press is all over the story. Only one painting remains, and Dan and Tess still have no idea who's behind it. Kuma gets in a scuffle when a guy comes to restock the vending machine and takes an odd-looking metal box out of it. A coin toss places Dan in the museum and Tess monitoring from the truck. When Dan goes to get a soda, a toy-sized robot emerges from the machine and carves a square out of the final painting. Dan and Daisy try to grab it, but it gets away and leads Tess and Wheels through an obstacle course of priceless sculptures. Wheels is stopped at a fence, but the robot escapes into a van, with Daisy behind it. Dan leaps onto the vehicle from an overpass and discovers the cola vendor, who knows what's in the pieces and intends to sell them to the highest bidder. Wheels and Roadie catch up, but the van skids off a cliff road into the ocean. Tess takes Wheels underwater in hovercraft mode and barely gets them out in time. The cola guy tries to escape in Roadie, who takes him on the ride of his life, until he's too dizzy to flee. Uncle Zach finally reveals that the paintings were done by a Pole Position agent and reveal the circuit diagram of a PP enemy's supercomputer. Daisy keeps the toy robot, which proceeds to rip the seat out of Dan's pants.