Pole Position

Season 1 Episode 6

The Thirty-Nine Stripes

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 20, 1984 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • The closing credits incorrectly list Lisa Lindgren as "Linda Lindgren".

    • The shapes on the assembled painting change colors several times during the final scene.

    • The door on the cola truck opens the wrong way when the bad guy gets out.

    • Daisy is in the museum with Dan when the robot escapes. How could she have gotten to the museum gate on foot faster than Tess in Wheels?

    • At the museum gate, the back of the van has glass windows. When it's sinking, Dan and Daisy look out them through bars (which should have let the water in).

    • Wheels' screen is blank in one shot during the chase through the sculptures.

    • When Dan chases the robot outside, he finds Tess and Kuma at the rear trailer of the truck when they should have been inside monitoring the cameras.

    • When the kids are stuck in traffic on the freeway, they don't really need to use hovercraft mode to get out of it, as there are no vehicles in the right lane.

    • Miss Pillar's doggy-door is far too small for her pet.

    • Kuma gets a pop out of the auction house vending machine without putting any money into it.

    • The city streets are not one-way, but their center lines are white rather than yellow.

    • Tess' list of possible suspects makes no sense. If Miss Pillar was doing it for revenge, why was her own painting cut? And the auctioneer wouldn't gain anything by raising the value of the paintings, as they've already been sold.

    • When Dan and Kuma investigate the damaged third painting, its remaining artwork is different than what was shown before.

  • Quotes

    • "Now that's what I call a real work of art!" --Tess' critique of the hole in the seat of Dan's pants.

    • (Dan is arrested for his reckless driving.)
      DAN: Roadie! Call Tess and get me out of this!
      COP: (to his partner) Talks to his car.

    • "Why can't our car do that?" --A wife to her husband, as Wheels and Roadie cruise past them in hovercraft mode.

    • (Uncle Zach won't give Dan a straight answer.)
      UNCLE ZACH: Dan, to use a phrase you're so fond of, "Lighten up."
      DAN: Sometimes he makes me so mad!

    • "When I was a kid toys didn't do things like that!" --Dan, as the robot suddenly sprouts a propeller and flies out the door.

    • TESS: I wonder why just pieces of paintings are being stolen?
      DAN: Maybe the guy's got a small apartment.

    • "It's as dark as the inside of a cat!" --At least, I think that's what Tess says while driving Wheels underwater.

  • Notes

    • This episode was included on the "Road Fever" compilation tape by Karl-Lorimar / Kideo Video.

    • The winding mountain road in this episode actually has guardrails, for once.

    • In this episode we learn that Kuma is male. He also takes offense at being called a monkey by the cola guy, despite his obvious simian characteristics.

    • This episode's title comes from the Alfred Hitchcock film "The Thirty-Nine Steps".

    • Dan mentions that the Pole Position team is in L.A. in this episode. We also see freeways, palm trees, and Beverly Hills-style houses, and one of the museums is in Malibu.

    • Uncle Zach mentions a foreign country involved in the caper, without specifically identifying it by name. He also did this in "The Canine Vanishes".

  • Allusions

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