Pole Position

Season 1 Episode 7

The Thirty-One Cent Mystery

Aired Saturday 10:30 AM Oct 27, 1984 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Thirty-One Cent Mystery
Kuma disappears after a Pole Position stunt show, making Dan, Tess and Daisy concerned. When he finally turns up the next morning, he tries to tell the kids something by putting three coins on some rocks and pointing to the nearby mountains, but no one understands. Two men in a van snatch Kuma again, but Dan figures out that the Presidents' faces on the coins mean that Kuma was taken to Mt. Rushmore. Dan goes after them, but is lured down Jefferson's face and trapped there by the bad guys, who are using Kuma to retrieve a piece of Jefferson's eyebrow. A quick rescue by Tess later, and the team is after the crooks, across the mountains and a dam, to recover a stolen treasure that was hidden inside the eyebrow.moreless

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (16)

      • Wheels sends out one grappling hook to rope both villains, however in the next shot they appear to be tied up separately.

      • Kuma's sneaking into the trees is accompanied by an "innocent whistling" that sounds nothing like his normal squeaks. It is extremely odd and incongruous.

      • The bad guys claim the Pole Position cars are too wide to follow them across the dam, but in one shot there is plenty of room. Besides, they could always hovercraft across.

      • When Wheels are Roadie begin pursuing the crooks on their motorcycles, they are actually flying above the trees! Ordinarily they can only hover a foot or two off the ground. (My guess is the foreground animation and the background weren't laid out correctly.)

      • When the kids find the abandoned van, Roadie's transmitter dart is still attached in the closeup shots, but on the more distant shots it is missing.

      • Why did Roadie wait for Tess and Wheels, instead of simply checking on Dan himself?

      • Just before Kuma is recaptured, the drill on his harness switches from his right side to his left.

      • When Dan gets to the top of Jefferson, there are two ropes leading down. Dan climbs down the right one, but in the wide shot is shown climbing down the left one. Kuma went down the right one, which is the one the bad guys cut, but Dan, again shown on the left one, is the one who falls. (Also, why didn't Dan just pull Kuma up?)

      • None of the narrow mountain roads the cars drive on have any guardrails.

      • A couple of the policemen in this episode sound exactly like Uncle Zachary, with no attempt to disguise Jack Angel's voice.

      • Daisy is in her pajamas when Dan gets into Roadie, but is wearing her normal clothes when he drives away.

      • Kuma is not wearing his collar when he is recaptured, but Daisy never took it off him.

      • Tess' helmet is all orange in the distant shot when Daisy first approaches to say she can't find Kuma.

      • When the cars are taking tickets, and Wheels says "I'd complain too", Daisy's lips move in perfect synch with the words, as if she were the one saying them but with Wheels' voice.

      • When Dan is talking about Kuma missing, his lips don't move when he says, "After all, he's--", just before the cut to Daisy.

      • The background shifts when the police officer pulls Daisy over.

    • QUOTES (4)

      • (When the answer to Kuma's riddle finally hits Dan:)
        DAN: Ohh, I'm such a dummy!
        ROADIE: I'm not gonna say a thing.

      • "My shocks are gettin' too old for thrill-packed stunts." --Wheels

      • "Told ya what a new set of spark plugs will do!" --Roadie, after Dan compliments him on his recent good ideas.

      • (Dan hangs off the side of Mt. Rushmore.)
        KID: Mommy! There's a man hangin' from Jefferson's nose!
        MOTHER: Don't be ridiculous, Jimmy.
        (And then, later:)
        JIMMY: Hey, mom! Remember that man I saw on Jefferson's nose?"
        MOTHER: Um, yes dear.
        JIMMY: Well now he's drivin' a car on the lake!
        MOTHER: (reading, not really paying attention) That's nice dear.

    • NOTES (4)

      • In the scene where Kuma returns, we get a glimpse of Tess' room, in the truck's larger trailer. We saw Daisy's room in episode #1, "The Code". We never do get to see Dan's.

      • Kuma's climbing agility and love of bananas in this episode reinforce the theory that he is part monkey.

      • This is the first episode to correctly list Lisa Lindgren's name in the closing credits. The next episode, #8, "Dial M For Magic", has it incorrect again.

      • This episode was included on the "Road Fever" compilation tape by Karl-Lorimar / Kideo Video.

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