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  • I was expecting something more. This is a Copy-cat of COPS tv-show, just much lower in quality.

    Let's start by saying that this show does not differ in a good way from COPS at all, just in a bad way. It is pathetic to watch how half of the show consists of summaries of the current episode and constantly dramatizing the events. All those views from some tactical cameras (flash lights etc) are lame, there's nothing special about it. I'd rather watch COPS tv-show, where there is nothing dramatized, no nonsense is added and everything is as it should be. realistic.
    It's actually the first time, i've seen that when police arrest somebody, they are constantly calling them motherfkers and swearing all the time.
    Sorry, I don't think this show is going to live for long.
    Bad impression. They should remove all that crap where they show what's going to happen in the episode.