Police Rescue - Season 4

ABC1 (ended 1996)


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Episode Guide

  • Wild Card
    Wild Card
    Episode 13
    When Mickey kills a man during a robbery, the thief's brother targets Mickey for revenge.
  • Rescue Me
    Rescue Me
    Episode 12
    Georgia helps the daughter of an old friend deal with her brother's death. Angel learns more about his father.
  • The Sharp End
    The Sharp End
    Episode 11
    Faulty wiring prematurely sets off explosions while Rescue tries to free workers trapped in an abandoned plant scheduled for demolition.
  • Breaking Strain
    Breaking Strain
    Episode 10
    An old friend of Angel's is having financial difficulties.
  • Public Mischief
    Public Mischief
    Episode 9
    Called to prevent two suicides, the squad helps arrest two base jumpers. Later, Mickey tries skydiving with them. A man tries to obtain an accident report about an unsafe factory from Georgia.
  • Damage Control
    Damage Control
    Episode 8
    Kathy sits with a dying man and then tries to pass his last messages on to his wife shortly after the accident. Georgia revives a drowned swimmer who remains in a coma.
  • Crossing the Line
    Crossing the Line
    Episode 7
    After rescuing a child left alone by a single mother, Georgia decides to give the mother a second chance and doesn't report the violation to family services. When the mother is picked up for theft, the children hide in a train yard.
  • Double Jeopardy
    Double Jeopardy
    Episode 6
    A natural gas explosion leaves three people trapped two stories under ground. After the squad is trapped with them, cyanide gas starts leaking into the cellar.
  • Guardian Angel
    Guardian Angel
    Episode 5
    After he helps Angel on a rescue, Angel befriends a small boy who decides to hook Angel up with his mother. Brian is concerned about an old man who is apparently seeking attention.
  • Something's Got to Give
    Sergeant Webb arrives in Rescue and must deal with personal demons and professional problems. Angel shows signs of stress, both on and off the job.
  • Wrong Side of the Road
    Mickey and Nipper help the survivors of a bus crash. Mickey is determined to prove the bus driver is not at fault and Nipper decides to foster a boy orphaned in the crash.
  • Conduct Endangering Life
    Nipper find's his Police shirt somewhat pink because his daughter put her red top in the wash at the last minute. Nipper walks around work with his jumper on despite the warm weather. Later on that day Rescue gets a call about a siege at a bank in Chatswood, one cop dead and at least ten hostages. The gunman is desperate for drugs. A young unexperienced journalist crosses the press line and begins snooping around. Nipper's three daughters ring him at work, as mum hasn't picked them up from ballet. The kid's end up at the rescue head quarters. Mickey is given the task of taking the gunman in some methadone, the hostage there to collect in Nippers wife Michelle. When Nipper is told he heads straight to the scene but doesn't tell the children. It is revealed that the gunman has a TV inside the bank as the young reporter reveals in a special bulletin against a news blackout that a Police Rescue officer's wife is one of the hostages after he overheard a conversation by Rescue squad members. Nipper loses it when it is revealed that the gunman knows he has a cop's wife. The gunman then releases all the hostages except Michelle. The gunman demands to speak to Nipper or he will kill Michelle. Nipper threatens to kill him. Reporters arrive at Rescue headquarters and begin asking the kids how the feel about their mum being held hostage which till then knew nothing about. The Gunman demands a helicopter on the roof in 5minutes or he will kill Michelle. Nipper is forced to stand by as the gunman emerges with a gun to his wife's head. Mickey and Angel are on the roof and are ordered to hide but disobey orders and they confront the gunman on arrival. The gunman threatens to jump but Mickey grabs Michelle away but the gunman is left dangling off the edge of the building. He is rescued and arrested. The kids see mum and dad on TV 100% ok. They arrest the young reporter for leaking the information on a charge of 'conduct endangering life'.moreless
  • On the Outer
    On the Outer
    Episode 1
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