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Re: Tons Of Gags Like Police Squad---Have Any Of You Ever Watched...

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    The tv show 'Arrested Development'? Much like 'Police Squad', there was gag after gag after gag and the viewer needed to pay attention with both eyes and ears (and multiple viewings always help) to catch them all. Like 'Police Squad', 'Arrested Development' didn't score high enough ratings to stay afloat (if FOX ever promoted the show properly to help the cause any it might still be on the air).

    Then one day a movie was made long after the shows (Police Squad) cancellation that set the comedic world on fire: Naked Gun. Well, it appears that an 'Arrested Development' movie is in the works, and I'm hoping lightening strikes twice: Arrested Development was THAT good of a show. So here's hoping the movie catches on like 'Naked Gun' did, so sequels will be made and heck, with some luck, it may even get back on tv, who knows?

    Oh, my question was: Anyone here ever watch 'Arrested Development'? If so, what are your thoughts on the show, it's 'Police Squad' paralells, and anything else under the sun regarding these two shows?

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