Police Squad!

ABC (ended 1982)





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  • Great show; many great laughs.

    This show is the best programme in the history of T.V.... probably!
    It is just amazing. The amount of jokes squeezed into each episode is phenominal. Quite why the network would only produce six episodes (and only screen four) is beyond me.
    The humour is fantastic. It is very surreal at times and somewhat similar to the humour found in "The Goon Show", but I feel that the script is tighter, so it's better.
    The great thing is that as well as just having lots of jokes, there was always a good storyline to go with it.
    Among some of the better jokes are the regular ones. For instance, in the credits, it would always credit "Rex Hamilton as Abraham Lincoln", then show Lincoln being shot in the back before turning around to fire back. There was always a different special guest star who would only appear in the credits, wherein they would be killed. Also, each episode would have two titles: one was displayed in graphics and one that was spoken, so that it appeared that the narrator had got it wrong.
    All in all, just a great show. Now all we need is to see it released as a great DVD set!!!
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