Police Squad!

ABC (ended 1982)





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  • It was a short-lived show that packed a punch.

    A very funny short lived show with sight gags and deadpan humor that still holds up 20 years later. Leslie Nielsen as Lt. Frank Drebin is incredibly funny, with his partner, Alan North as Sgt. Ed Hocken.
    Police Squad was a show you had to watch or you missed a whole lot. There are so many sight gags that you will miss a lot of them the first few time you watch the show. The titles of the episodes don't fit the narration. Nielsen's own narration is a satire of the old Dragnet series. The guest star each week is murdered in the opening scene. The ending credits, everyone would freeze, or try to while the credits rolled.

    Police Squad was made by the same people responsible for the Airplane movies. The writing is superb, and it was a shame that only 6 episodes were made.