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ABC (ended 1982)





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  • So much fun!

    Made by the same guys from the Airplane movies, this very short-lived TV show was the precursor to the Naked Gun movies and I must say I enjoyed it more. While the movies followed the same format (lots of sight gags and ridiculous dialogue), there were some features in it that didn't make it to the big screen.

    I really liked the character of Johnny, the shoe shine man. He seemed to be the smartest man on Earth, able to answer any question put to him. Frank Drebin (Leslie Neilsen's character) would go to Johnny and ask questions about cases he was working on. Johnny would say "well, I don't know anything about that...," and after Drebin slipped him some money, Johnny would give him the most minute of details, including evidence in some cases. Celebrities would always hop up on the chair after Frank left. I loved the time Dick Clark asked Johnny about this new form of music the kids were talking about called "ska."

    Another fun feature to the show were the "freeze frames" at the end. The guys would be talking in the station (and mention each criminal from previous eisodes, which was another feature) and instead of a real freeze frame while the credits rolled, they just stood still. The reactions around them were always interesting.

    I wish the show had lasted longer, but for what there was, we got a ton of laughs in a short amount of time!
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