Police Squad!

Season 1 Episode 6

Testimony of Evil (Dead Men Don't Laugh)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 08, 1982 on ABC

Episode Recap

Comedian Joey Culdiss is finishing up his act at Mr. V's when his boss, Veronica, has her man Vic bring Johnny in. Veronica informs Joey that the Frenchman has informed her that Joey is skimming money from his drug deliveries. Joey denies it and Veronica says that she believes him. However, she slips Joey a drugged drink. When the comedian drives home, he loses control and goes off the road.

Frank is called to the morgue where the coroner informs them that Joey died of a drug overdose. Ed knows that Joey was an informant who was working as a courier inside of Veronica's organization. They figure he tried to rip off Veronica and paid the price. They don't have an inside man at the club any more and figure Frank can become the new headline act.

Frank and Ed go to Mr. V's. Ed arrests the new comedian on the charge of illegally recording a sporting event. Frank steps in and asks for a chance to perform. He's a big hit with the crowd and Veronica calls him over to her table afterward. He tells her that he heard about the job from Joey before he died and hints that he knows Veronica is involved in drugs. They go to her office where an angry ventriloquist, Jerry, is waiting. He demands a chance to audition and Frank agrees, and then gets close enough to take out Jerry and his dummy. Veronica figures he can handle himself and offers him a job picking up her car at the docks.

Frank goes to the doc's and picks up the car. He takes it to the lab where Mr. Olson and his team go over it. They finally find the drugs hidden in the glove compartment and Norberg is more than willing to make sure they're authentic. Frank and Ed arrest the doctor in the middle of surgery and he reveals that the next drop-off is that night. Frank confirms the information with Johnny the Snitch.

That night, Ed and his men cover all the exits while Frank performs on stage. He spots a waitress approaching Veronica and works his way through the crowd. When Frank gets close enough, he rips off the waitress' wig to reveal that she's the Frenchman. Frank subdues him while Ed captures Veronica and Vic as they try to escape.