Police Squad!

Season 1 Episode 3

The Butler Did It (A Bird in the Hand)

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Mar 18, 1982 on ABC



  • Quotes

    • Warner: I'll pay whatever ransom is necessary to get Terri back.
      Frank: No, that would be giving in to them. These people are emotionally unstable. Had a case like this, similar. Kidnappers cut off the victim's ear and sent it to the family.
      (Charlotte cries)
      Ed: So you see, you've got to let us help you.
      Frank: Not the whole ear, of course. Just a piece of it.
      (Charlotte cries harder)
      Ed: And when this whole thing blows over, we'll return Terri's ear if she's still alive.
      (Charlotte cries even harder)
      Frank: She's taking it hard.