Police Story

NBC (ended 1977)


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  • Police anthology series focusing on members of the LAPD.

    They don't make them like this anymore. And many of us wish they did. POLICE STORY became a force to be reckoned with and literally rewrote all rules for police dramas from 1973 forward. With a dose of realism unheard of at the time, POLICE STORY became an instant classic with non-cliched dialogue and authentic settings. The show was fostered by retired LAPD Sgt. Joseph Wambaugh, whose (at the time) best sellers, "The New Centurions", "The Blue Knight" and "The Onion Field", took police fiction and non fiction into its own stratosphere. Real life cops embraced the show as did critics and the public. Never a ratings blockbuster, POLICE STORY was a constant winner and NBC saw it had gold in the Hollywood hills. The series continued to improve year by year and by it's third season won the Emmey for Best Dramatic Series (1975-76). A harrowing soundtrack by Jerry Goldsmith bolstered the story lines, that focused not only on uniformed cops and detectives, but specialty units as SWAT, Special Surveillance Detail and Scientific Investigative Division. Great work all around.
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