Police Women of Broward County

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Police Women of Broward County
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AIRED ON 1/13/2011

Season 5 : Episode 1

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Another addition to the Police Women franchise, Police Women Of Broward County follows the lives and careers of four female Broward County, Florida, Sheriff's deputies.

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  • Unfair Injustice.

    I've watched this episode on several occasions and sadly to say, I don't like the way these peace-officers conduct themselves towards human beings under the assumption of whatever.........

    These police officers physically assault, and are very demeaning downgrading & and just downright racial, acting as if they are better than the individuals they are arresting.......

    I only know one perfect Being on the face of the earth; His Name is Jesus! Everyone else is prone to a down right shame to see how another Human Being created by the same God, treating another one of God's creation like dirt!

    Police Officers are not perfect! The sad part about it is, when Police Officers carry out their corruption, the Citizens/Civilians are not aware of their behaviors. In most cases, its a good ol' "buddy-buddy" procedure.......moreless
  • Inspiration

    Great show this show want me to become a police officer love these women the love of our cities.
  • Entrapment

    If the methods employed on "Policewomen of Broward County" were used in Australia, you would'nt have very many cops left on the beat, they'd all be in gaol! ENTRAPMENT is ILLEGAL in Australia. If such methods are used then it is the law enforcement officer that feels the full weight of the law. America is such an UN-DEMOCRATIC place to live! No wonder the rest of the world RESENTS the encroachment of American ideals in their countries.moreless
  • It is such a great experience to also be allowed to look into their personal lives and feelings as well as carrying out their duties as police officers.

    This show has the most beautiful police women I've ever seen. It is such a great experience to also be allowed to look into their personal lives and feelings as well as carrying out their duties as police officers. You really get a look behind the scenes at what these beautiful ladies go though. I must admit that even though I'm to old, Andrea is the kind of woman I wish I could have met earlier in my life. She is truly my idea of the perfect dream girl. She is fearless, fun loving, energetic and beautiful. I wish there was a way to obtain an autograph from each one of these wonderful women. If I wasn't living in Minnesota and a 100% disabled veteran, I would drive to Broward county and get as many speeding tickets as possible until I would finally meet one of them. Don't get me wrong girls, I think you are all beautiful, I have really grown to care about all of you. May God Bless You and keep you and your families safe! GREAT SHOW, PLEASE BE CAREFUL!moreless
  • I really found to like this show

    I grew p in a police officer family with one male and two female officers. This show excited me from the begining, because Cops was starting to bore me. This show offers drama and action right off the dot for a Reality show, and yes part of that dose have to deal with the set up i know, but with Cops it always seemed to long to get down to the action sometimes. Here we have some highly trained female officers who can kick ass. Im glad that they're able to stand along side there big heafty guy partners without looking like outcasts. I love this show. Not going to lie.moreless

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