Police Women of Cincinnati

Thursday 9:00 PM on TLC Premiered Jan 13, 2011 Between Seasons


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  • Season 5
    • Aim and Fire
      Episode 8
      Colleen uses a confidential informant to buy crack, but things take a turn for the unexpected; Mandy responds to a trespassing call; Tia races to the scene of an accused murderer, barricaded; Rose responds to drunken man harassing a group of college kids.
    • 2/24/11
      A suspected drunk driver gets a rude awakening when Mandy finds him passed out; Tia races into action when a child calls to report a shooting; Colleen's patience is tested when she nabs a prostitute; Rose helps a fast food clerk who feels threatened.
    • You Go Girl
      Episode 6
      Mandy arrests a mother on suspicion of child endangerment; Rose nabs a man wanted on a felony warrant; Colleen busts a 19-year-old girl on charges of soliciting during an elaborate prostitution sting; and Tia finds an elderly man dead in his apartment.
    • Colleen provides armed cover for U.S. Marshals; Mandy responds to a complaint about a belligerent loiterer; Rose surprises a man as he tries to leave the scene of a break-in; and Tia races to the scene when a woman is allegedly stabbed in the neck.
    • The Party's Over
      Episode 4
      Mandy helps a single mother after her ex-boyfriend allegedly shows up to her apartment with a gun; Colleen helps bust a drug dealer who has set up shop in a local park; Rose chases down a man accused of stealing; Tia consoles a sobbing teen.
    • 1/27/11
      Mandy rushes to a possible DUI accident where officers tase the suspected drunk driver; Colleen has to draw her weapon in the course of taking down a prostitution and drug haven; Rose responds to a shooting; Tia intercedes during a heated dispute.
    • 1/20/11
      Colleen chases a suspected drug dealer following an undercover buy bust; Rose answers auto break-in call and finds a man, who appears to be dead, slumped inside the car. Mandy has a run-in with an irate mother; Tia has to pull her gun at traffic stop.
    • 1/13/11
      Mandy has to wrestle a belligerent foul-mouthed female to the ground when she refuses to cooperate; Colleen chases a suspected drug dealer; Rose witnesses a bystander getting shot.