Political Animals

Season 1 Episode 4

Lost Boys

Aired Sunday 10:00 PM Aug 05, 2012 on USA
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    Political Animals: Soapbox Demolition Derby

    This show is much better if you watch it for the soap instead of the smart.

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    T.J. recounts the events that lead up to his suicide attempt while dealing with his family's lack of interest in his club opening. Douglas struggles to cope with his betrayal and meanwhile, Elaine has a diplomatic crisis on her hands upon her return from overseas.

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      Meghann Fahy

      Meghann Fahy

      Georgia Gibbons

      Guest Star

      Roger Bart

      Roger Bart

      Barry Harris

      Guest Star

      Wes Chatham

      Wes Chatham

      Gunner Cox

      Guest Star

      Adrian Pasdar

      Adrian Pasdar

      President Paul Garcetti

      Recurring Role

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        • Goofs

          Parts of Elaine's conversation with the Chinese representative were mistranslated. Example: she said the submarine was 200 meters below sea level, but the translation showed her say it was 600 meters.

      • QUOTES (5)

        • Susan: (To Douglas) Who's keeping you on the level in all this?
          Douglas: Anne. My fiancée, she's a real trooper.
          Susan: Must be, she agreed to sit down with Georgia Gibbons to a, puff piece on her company. Georgia's the journalist who.
          Douglas: (Interrupting Susan) I know, who she is. Look I will hold my nose and slip you a few political details, but stop prying into my family life, that wasn't part of our deal.
          Susan: Yeah, (quoting from her notes) someone has to put our family first, we can't take another run. See full access means full access. Unless you want me to tell your mother how you betrayed her by coming to me in the first place.
          Douglas: You need the full story or else you already would've run the scoop. Why you want it so badly Miss Berg I don't know, and I don't care. Now what I do know is, whatever deal we have, whatever this is. You need me as much as I need you.

        • TJ: (To the NA group) Last December, that's the last time I was really happy. Six months clean, longest period of time I'd gone without using since I was a kid in the White House. The fishbowl you know as they call it, the bubble around the President's family. All eyes, the judgements, the expectations, made me feel very alone. My twin brother could handle it but me not so much,so booze, weed, pills made me feel a lot better, and then I found coke and, then everything feel by the wasteside. So, my lifes been pretty much a blur. Highs, and lows. Mostly lows. I know there's no cue for this thing, but there's recovery.

        • TJ: Either maybe you wanna switch parties or have sex again?
          Sean: Well they'll be plenty of time for that. We could be here through Christmas. (Sean's Phone Rings. TJ shows Sean the caller I.D)
          Sean: My Wife.
          TJ: She's pretty, bet you and her were King and Queen of the prom.
          Sean: God no, we were nerds. Couple of corn fed, football loving Methodists.
          TJ: Was it love at first sight?
          Sean: I didn'tknow what love at first sight was. Till you. Flirting with me at a grocery store, you wee shameless I had a wedding ring on.
          TJ: Extra point, besides I knew you were checking me out. (TJ kisses Sean. Sean starts to take his shirt back off) Don't you have to leave?
          Sean: They can start without me.

        • Douglas: That douchebag Reeves is the worse, I'm not Garcetti's biggest fan. It's shows how truly screwed up this country is is, when a first termer, like Sean Reeves can just, stick his finger in the eye of the President.
          Margaret: As far as I'm concerned he can put it whereever he wants.

        • Elaine: (About Sean Reeves) If only his political opinions were as toned as his six pack.
          Margaret: Eight Pack.
          Anne: Is that even possible.
          TJ: Yep.
          Margaret: Oh yeah sweetheart.

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