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Politically Incorrect

Season 9 Episode 76

Earl Jackson, Marvin Hier, Maher Hathout, Bob Fuller

Aired Weekdays 12:05 AM Dec 21, 2001 on Comedy Central
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Earl Jackson, Marvin Hier, Maher Hathout, Bob Fuller
Bill's panel tonight: * Bishop Earl Jackson, of the Christian Coalition. * Rabbi Marvin Hier, of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. * Dr. Maher Hathout, of the Muslim Public Affairs Council. * Bob Fuller, professor of religious study, Bradley University.

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      • Rabbi Marvin Hier: You know, first, I think we ought to take care of some other business here tonight, and that is that while religion has had its problems, that people speaking the name of religion have committed terrible crimes .. so have atheists. People who did not believe in religion caused the death, the murder of 100 million people in the second World War .. Stalin and Hitler And besides Stalin and Hitler you have Pol Pot, and you have many others.
        So it is not correct to say that religion .. the fact that we're sitting here fairly civilized, and we don't have 2.5 or 3.5 billion people committing suicide is a tribute to the religious values that were instilled by many great prophets. Otherwise, we'd all exit this world, if we listen to the atheists.

      • Dr. Maher Hathout: This has nothing to do with religion. People do very ugly things.

        Bill Maher: Oh, come on. To say that terrorism has nothing to do with religion is like saying AIDS had nothing to do with homosexuality.

        Rabbi Marvin Hier: Let me add by saying that it is not correct to say that religion does not have it's fanatics. We have fanatics, for example these suicide bombers and other people like that --
        Osama Bin Laden or whoever they come or from whatever religion, when they say that they're going to be received by God, none of us have been to the afterlife, we don't know what it looks like. If their is a hell with fire and brimstone, one thing I would venture an opinion, they're getting special, V.I.P. treatment there.

      • Bill Maher: Excuse me Bishop, but what's ignorant in my view, is believing that something written 2,000 years ago that was edited, that was written for different audiences, that was put together for specific reasons to convince people of something is today, something we should take literally.

      • Bill Maher: Okay, we don't have time to discuss it, but I would like to point out that, Bishop, if you were born in Cairo, you would probably be arguing his cause. If you were born where he was, same thing. If you were born where he was .. religion is an accident of birth. It can't just be coincidence that all the Muslims end up in Muslim countries and the Christians in Christian countries.

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