Politically Incorrect

Comedy Central (ended 2002)


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  • this show was more for entertainment purposes than for accurate political information, and it was a stretch on the entertainment part too.

    This show had 4 guests, usually 3 liberals and one moderate or more conservative person, usually even if the other guest had more to say he/she would be drowned out, so they only let one side be heard, plus Bill Maher uses petty insults, and being loud to try to discredit anything that the one guest was trying to say. It was basically one sided information and the usually playground humor from Bill about anyone who wasn't a left winger, even the moderate Dems. You didn't actually get anything out of it except what he wanted you to hear and know. It's like watching Springer, with the insults and pettiness, I thought Bill was supposed to be smart that is why I don't know why he couldn't have used more facts instead of just being obnoxious and debate opinions like the show was intended for instead of just only letting his opinions be the only ones that really get covered.
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