Poltergeist: The Legacy

Season 1 Episode 22

A Traitor Among Us

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 20, 1996 on

Episode Recap

Three senior members of the legacy arrive at the house and say that they have received a letter accusing Derek of running the house in an improper manner. Derek is put on trial at the house for several days where Nick and Rachel have to submit evidence about Derek. Things start to look very grim for Derek and when Rachel goes to see him in a room where he is kept locked up he asks her to bring him a shaving mirror and some sacred knives from the house's vault. Using the mirror he notices that one of the three people who came to put him on trial does not have a reflection in the mirror and that he always has the blinds closed before he enters a room. The trial is about to conclude with a guilty verdict where Derek is asked to make a closing speech. Derek says that for some time he has felt something wrong with the legacy, like a cancer growing among them, he reveals that it was himself who made the allegations against him so he could bring everyone together. He approaches the male representative of the trial counsel and stabs his hand with one of the sacred knives fixing him to the desk. Derek opens the blinds and the room fills with sunlight, the man fixed to the Desk is revealed as a demon and explodes. Derek apologizes to everyone for what he has put them through and they all apologize to him for thinking badly of him and swear to trust him from then on.