Poltergeist: The Legacy

Season 4 Episode 8

Brother's Keeper

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jun 04, 1999 on

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  • Brother's Keeper is the best of the Poltergeist Series. 2 brothers, one escaped from hell; the Soul Chaser (Undertaker) all battling to either keep, save and take the ecaped brothers soul who betrays his brother to Soul Chaser and in the end protects him.

    The opening of the movie first starts out in the middle of nowhere and a guy driving. The weird events start taking place. And he finds his long lost brother who abandoned him when he was ten. Jeremy, his brother tries to explain that he escaped from hell and this guy call the Soul Chaser is trying to get him to send his soul back to hell. Finally convinced, Nick starts to take him home when the SoulChaser attacks them, seemingly they kill him. An excellent opening and introduction to the characters. Soon, we see that Nick still holds a grudge against Jeremy for leaving him. Meanwhile, the security fence (that electrical) is breached and SoulChaser kills the guards who try to stop him. Soon, he catches Jeremy alone and chases him down; Not wanting to go to hell Jeremy asks if they can make a deal. Soul Chaser replies, "Your brother. His soul is worth a lot more than yours." He agrees, betraying his brother. Alex (a woman helping Nick) and Nick discover that the only way to kill a soul chaser is to stab him in heart with his own blade. They set up the SoulChaser, but he sneaks around them and attacks Nick; SoulChaser, while fighting Nick, tell him about the deal. He was about to drive his blade into Nick when Jeremy stops him. Jeremy was stabbed in the heart and went to hell. SoulChaser, standing over Nick says, "Killing him was quite pleasing, but now, I want you. Your soul is worth far more." He raises the blade, Alex runs in a shots him; the bullets, of course, have no effect. But that gives Nick just enough time to pick up his gun (which contained a piece of the blade) and shot SoulChaser. SoulChaser then bursts into flames and goes to hell. Great performence by Mark Calaway the Undertaker, which made this my favorite episode. I just want to watch it over and over again.