Poltergeist: The Legacy

(ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Season 4
    • The Beast Within
      Episode 22
      Plagued by nightmares and visitations from his father's evil spirit, Derek fears that the portal to hell has been breached.
    • Infernal Affairs
      Episode 21
      An ancient deck of tarot cards enlivens a tedious evening for Derek, Nick and Alex. However, each card underscores the high personal cost of their allegiance to the Legacy over the last 4 years. (This episode, like the one previous, is basically a collection of clips from previous episodes.)
    • 10/8/99
      Alex struggles to cure Nick, and to keep him alive, after he is infected by a demonic parasite that makes him see imaginary evils all around him.
    • Sabbath's End
      Episode 19
      Kat faces mortal danger when she resumes her friendship with an ailing Miranda. To save Kat, Rachel must find powers from the past, a past she would prefer to forget.
    • Gaslight
      Episode 18
      A patient of Rachels with a tragic past and with a life threatening asthmatic condition inherits her family mansion and becomes the target for seemingly vengeful ghosts, demons and spirits.
    • The Portents
      Episode 17
      With the death of a young monk, Rachel and Alex are thrown into a struggle to prevent a phony priest from unsealing a portal to hell.
    • Forget Me Not
      Episode 16
      Rachel receives a blast from the bast. While watching an old video, Kat notices a little girl in the video that had never been there before. It turns out the little girl is named Paige, Rachel's child that she gave up when she was 19. Paige died some years later and her spirit is now out for revenge on Rachel, whom she blames for not being there to save her. Can Nick prevent Paige from hurting Kat? Can Rachel re-connect with Kat after the discovery that she has a sister she never knew about?moreless
    • Body and Soul
      Episode 15
      Derek's lover (Megan) is murdered in a car bombing and he and Alex pursue the killer, only to be drawn into a horrifying web of Horton's making that pits Derek and Alex against each other ? Can Derek bring himself to kill Alex or can he defeat Horton once and for all ?moreless
    • 8/20/99
      A couple of fisherman catch something big and heavy on their anchor. Unknowingly they have released Karen Morgan, a succubus who is in love with Nick. She uses another name and disguises herself to 'fall in love' with Nicks friend and then starts to visit Rachel at her Doctor's office. She uses both of them to make sure that she gets introduced to Nick. Meanwhile, to keep herself alive, she is finding violent men on the streets of San Francisco and sucking the life from them.moreless
    • The Sacrifice (2)
      The Sacrifice (2)
      Episode 13
      Horton's plans to split The Legacy apart and destroy Derek begins to work as Kristin walks out and with Mordecai Church at his side he has a powerful ally to help him finish of the rest of the team. With the Boston chapter of The Legacy being almost non-existant now it is left to Derek and Nick to find out what the evil duo are up to and stop them. They try to persuade Father Callaghan, who has been helping them out, to rejoin their fight against Horton and Church and to save The Legacy from destruction.moreless
    • Unholy Congress (1)
      Excavations in boston discover what loks like a tomb buried deep underground. The digging has made an opening and when the builders examine it they release Dr. Mordecai Church from his long imprisonment. He kills them and sets about starting his own 'religion', recruiting young runaways as his congregation. Having no family makes leaves Church free to kill his new disciples whenever he wishes, after all who is there to complain when no one knows where they are anyway? Reed Horton soon comes across Church and recruits him for his own vendetta against The Legacy.moreless
    • Still Waters
      Episode 11
      Alex receives a request from her dead grandmother to help the new owners of a house, being haunted by the restless spirit of a boy who drowned years before. Alex accepts, as she does not want them to succumb to the same fate as her grandmother, but she has trouble convincing the boy to resist vengeance and move on to the afterlife.moreless
    • Wishful Thinking
      Episode 10
      A mysterious bottle is found by Milos Javitz in an old curio shop. he thinks that it could be an item that he has been searching for for years, a bottle containing Ginelle, a female genie. Before he can complete his three wishes after releasing her he is tricked into closing his eyes. She knocks him out and escapes to gain revenge on her past 'owners' who refused to release her from her cptivity. To help him find her, and to save himself from her anger, Milos calls on his old college roomate... Derek Rayne.moreless
    • Initiation
      Episode 9
      Kat is doing magic with her friend Miranda, who has shown her a few small tricks and has taken her to her secret place. Miranda tells Kat that if she touches the amulet she has given her to the heart of three other poeple then the five points of power will increase her magical prowess. Rachel, Nick and Alex are her three targets but they know something is going on. Can they find out what Miranda is up to before it is to late to save Kat?moreless
    • Brother's Keeper
      Episode 8
      Nick's brother, Jimmy, who died and was cremated, appears on the road in front of Nick's car. He claims to have 'escaped' and has the Soul Chaser after him trying to take him back. After a brief altercation with the Soul Chaser, Nick takes the wounded Jimmy back with him to the Legacy HQ, believing the Soul Chaser to have been killed by his own weapon. However, the Soul Chaser returns to our world and tracks down the brothers. He launches an attack on the Legacy house to finally retrieve his quarry.moreless
    • Double Cross (2)
      Double Cross (2)
      Episode 7
      Franklin Cross begins his takeover of the San Francisco house of the Legacy. The team are not sure what is going on, where Derek is or whether or not to trust Cross. The investigations into Reed Horton continue while the team try to find out what has happened to Derek themselves.moreless
    • The Traitor (1)
      The Traitor (1)
      Episode 6
      Derek is accused of killing an innocent man when a murder case is opened after 20 years.
    • The Possession
      The Possession
      Episode 5
      Alex's grandmother travels to San Francisco to warn her of an evil spirit/Bocor thatis after her. She gives Alex a magic charm to protect her but falls pray to the Bocor's voodoo powers herself. With her grandmother now in a coma Alex does the only thing she can think of to help her... she releases Daniel Euwara, a powerful spirit, from the prison the Legacy trapped him in (see 'Spirit Thief')and asks him to remove the curse.moreless
    • The Painting
      Episode 4
      Rachel is left a painting by a patient who has disappeared. Then both the painting and the artist who painted it draw Rachel into their web.

      Kat's friendship with a witch named Miranda helps her learn to get in touch with her inner being.
    • Vendetta
      Episode 3
      A young man is mysteriously killed while at a well known local spot, a place where a woman was lynched in the 50's. His skull is crushed, but not his head, and his body is covered with what looks like electrical burns. The coroner is an old aquaintence of Dereks and he asks if Derek will come and help. He takes Kristin with him and they find a small town with a deep, dark secret.moreless
    • Bird of Prey (2)
      Bird of Prey (2)
      Episode 2
      After Raymond Corvus is executed Jeffrey Sandor, boyfriend of the murdered Jennifer Hollybrook', seems to take on Corvus's behaviours. Indians rituals involving ravens tie into the murders of more people.
    • Song of the Raven (1)
      A series of deaths seem to be identical to the ones that put an inmate on Death Row. Derek wonders if the Death Row inmate is responsible.
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