Poltergeist: The Legacy

(ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • The Legacy
      Episode 1
      Psychic researchers battle an evil entity which has impregnated someone in their group.
    • The Fifth Sepulcher (1)
      This episode introduces The Legacy, a secretive group that protects the innocent from the Dark Side and its agents. Derek Rayne inherits the title of Precept, or leader, after his father's death when Derek was a teenager. The others on his team are Alex Moreau, a psychic, Nick Boyle, a former Navy SEAL and Julia Walker. Derek gets a vision about a little girl and the last of the five sepulchers he is looking for, and takes the team to Ireland. There they encounter Rachel Corrigan, a widow, and her daughter, Kat. Tragedy follows and the one of the team members is lost.moreless
    • The Fifth Sepulcher (2)
      The team comes together as Derek searches for the keys.
    • 4/26/96
      When Derek's old friend Damon is accused of abusing his son, he insists that supernatural forces are responsible. Derek believes him, but Nick finds a problematic family history. Rachel checks the boy's wounds, while Father Philip undertakes a more spiritual investigation, but in the end it is Kat who discovers what has really been happening.moreless
    • 5/3/96
      Nick and Rachel get caught in a timeless colony while investigating strange disappearances that are occur every half-century. But the cult leader wants to create a new world using Rachel as his partner.
    • The Tenement
      Episode 5
      As Alex prepares to take slum landlord Kyle Vance to court, she experiences a vision of a red-haired woman in the decaying tenement building. Then, on the witness stand, she finds herself compelled to insist the judge sentence Vance to stay in the building until he completes needed repairs. Later, realizing that an evil force controlled her actions, Alex traces the building's tragic history. Disturbed by what she learns, Alex returns to the tenement to help fight the sensual manifestation of evil that inhabits Vance's crumbling family legacy.moreless
    • The Twelfth Cave
      Episode 6
      A former Legacy member arrives at the Legacy house and Derek helps him out by translating an ancient scroll, but before long Derek begins to act strange and the group link Derek's condition to the relic given to him by an old friend.
    • Man in the Mist
      Episode 7
      A phantom that appears in mist is revealed to be an old boat captain, even though he died in a shipwreck he has returned to fulfill a pledge he made to his wife. Meanwhile Philip considers the option to quit the Legacy one and for all.
    • 5/31/96
      Nick investigates when a woman who appears on a lonely road leads to several men's deaths. Nick soon finds out that it is not the woman but the phantom of her abusive boyfriend who is still trying to control her. Meanwhile Derek and Rachel find a statue which has been hidden in the Legacy house for many years.moreless
    • Doppleganger
      Episode 9
      While the Legacy team works on identifying the mummified remains in a mysterious sarcophagus from Egypt, Kat's new "imaginary friend" is causing her to have behavioral problems at her new school.
    • The Substitute
      Episode 10
      Philip finds it hard to leave the Legacy house when he is asked to look into the disappearance of a faculty member at a Catholic school. Before long Philip works out that the teacher is now actually a vengeful phantom who wants to bring back an unholy fellowship.
    • Do Not Go Gently
      Episode 11
      Liz Barrow, an old friend of Nicks, is with her fiance when she has an asthma attack and falls into a coma. She finds herself in a dark mysterious place and sees a young boy killed by a large monstrous shape. At that moment she awakes and watches as the boy in the next bed, the same boy from her 'dream', dies. She gets her fiance, Kevin, to contact Nick and get him to investigate the hospital. Hoping he can find out what is going on there before she to falls victim to the monster in her dreams.moreless
    • The Crystal Scarab
      Episode 12
      A desperate man gets hold of an ancient piece of Egyptian scarab jewelry to save his terminally ill daughter, but at a high price. The artifact only helps the girl recover for a short period of time before another sacrifice of human life is needed, and Nick is the man's next target.moreless
    • The Bell of Girardius
      Miranda Blake, the curator of one of the Legacy's museums, calls Derek when there is a break in at her workplace. When Alex checks the inventory she realises that the only thing missing is The Bell of Giradius, a mystical item reputed to bring the dead back to life. The questions the Legacy need to find out are where is the Bell, who took it and does the recent death of Miranda's fiance have anything to do with it's disappearance?moreless
    • 7/12/96
      A woman uses an ancient bell to bring her boyfriend back from the dead.
    • Fox Spirit
      Episode 14
      While checking down in the sewers a couple of city maintenance men find an ancient urn holding ashes. One of them tips the ashes out and continues on with his work. After the two men separate to work in different areasone of them is attacked by a ghostly Chinese woman. The next morning the Legacy gets a call from a Chinese friend who asks them to help investigate the circumstances behind the two missing maintenance workers.moreless
    • The Thirteenth Generation
      During the 17th Century a suspected witch is 'tested' by being dunked in water, as she goes to her death she curses the next thirteen generations of the Witchfinders family. While guest lecturing at a Boston University Derek gets involved in a series of murders/deaths that seem to involve the same family and could be connected to the long rumoured curse.moreless
    • 7/26/96
      Derek meets a woman linked to some mysterious deaths.
    • The Dark Priest
      Episode 16
      An amulet is stolen from the Legacy house. It once belonged to a cult leader and suspected sorcerer who was killed by Nick's father, also a member of the Legacy. The two brothers who stole it are the sons of Levon Zoltar, the cult leader, and they know how to release the magical powers held in the amulet. Magics that need a human sacrifice to power them!moreless
    • Revelations
      Episode 17
      A small girl has a horrifying experience at a private school and accuses one of the teachers of being a monster. As Rachel used to go to the school the headmistress calls her up to ask her for help. She hopes that Rachel will be able to find out what really happened before the school is ruined by the scandal. As she investigates Rachel realises that she has no memories of being at the school at all! She knows she went there but can remember nothing and that begins to really worry her.moreless
    • Bones of St. Anthony
      Dr. Cornell, a reknowned geneticist working at San Francisco University, is scared to death and then literally ripped apartby an unknown energy. The Legacy gets involved when a friend of Nick's who performed the autopsy calls him in. In a connecting incident Derek is investigating why a large number of church bells all rang themselves at 10.06pm the night before.moreless
    • 8/23/96
      A town's church bells ring when a geneticist suddenly dies.
    • The Inheritance
      Episode 19
      Rachel receives a letter from her aunt's lawyer informing her of her death and that as she is the last living relative she will inherit everything. She goes to her aunt's funeral, with Kat, and finds that something is happening inside the house. Derek has a premonition that something is going to happen to Rachel and tells her that she needs to be careful while inside the house.moreless
    • The Signalman
      Episode 20
      A psychic/supernatural occurence debunker and physicist, Dr. David Praeger, is working for the army at an old railway station & tunnel in Powderwash, Colorado. The army is planning on opening a nerve weapon disposal site nearby and he is there to find out what causes the magnetic fluctations in the area. While investigating he starts seeing the 'ghost' of a signalman telling him to 'pull the switch'. Alex finds out where he is after dreaming that he is in danger and, as much as they dislike the man's work the Legacy go to try and save him.moreless
    • The Reckoning
      Episode 21
      Derek is paid a visit from Christina, who is a 300-year old seer and a previous advisor to Derek's father. Later Derek confesses his most dark secret that his father killed her grandfather. Now the spirit of Rachel's grandfather has returned to claim the souls of his female heirs, putting Kat and Rachel into grave danger unless the Legacy can stop him.moreless
    • A Traitor Among Us
      Episode 22
      Three other Legacy house leaders set up a legacy tribunal for Derek, that is held in the San Francisco Legacy house because one of Derek's close work partners has accused him of both being evil and trying to bring down the Legacy house. Derek must try and protest his innocence and find out who told these allegations about him.moreless
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