Episodes out of order on DVD?

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    After watching the first season on DVD, did anyone else think that some of the episodes were out of order? In the second episode "Sins of the Father", Rachel was working for the Legacy, but in "Town Without Pity" Rachel was still getting over what happened in Ireland, with Derek mentioning that the Legacy had invited her to join their ranks, but she had refused.

    Also, did anyone else notice that Alex's hair was cut in one episode, but back to normal length again in the following episode? I think it was in "The Twelfth Cave".

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    Been quite a few years since I have seen the show, especially the 1st season. They possibly filmed some of the episodes at different times. (like perhaps an actor they wanted for a particular part couldn't make it at that time, or they had to build a particular set for a scene.) Though it looks like they didn't really pay attention to what going where when setting the DVD up. Which annoying, but a small issue.
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