Poltergeist: The Legacy

(ended 1999)





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  • A great show from the mid 90s

    This was a good show from the early 90s. Originally released on Showtime, the first season was definately more graffic than later seasons which were released on the SciFi Channel.

    The show foolows a society of paranormal investigators called the Legacy which has bases all around the world but the show mostly takes place in San Fransisco. The characters are well written and the stories are mostly based off of a monster of the week, but they do bring in an overall mythology very well with the monster of the week.

    Although the group does travel aropund the world, most of the stroies take place on the island mansion. The old mansion is a character in itself and is a good setting for this eerie show that although more mystery than horror has the suspence that makes you want to know what happens next.

    The first season has been released on dvd and the rest of the seasons are shown on Chiller network.

    the show is horror at it's best. last halloween i showed it, and my kids enjoyed it tremendously. this is one show that should not have never, ever, ever been cancelled. each actor/character was perfect for their parts. the way they handled themselves in situations was awesome. the writers of this show are making a mistake. this was one of their masterpieces. as i said, this is one show that should have not been cancelled. please, release the other seasons and /or bring back the show. thank you. will be looking forward to seeing the other seasons released or maybe a marathon on tv. keep the terror coming.
  • Addictive show!

    I'm a fan, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I was hooked ever since I saw it and I never missed an episode. Besides the X-files it was my very first paranormal show and the actors were fine with a capital F.

    I admit that the special effects had lots to be desired and most of the times the dialogues were absolutely corny, but all that are forgiven. It's just a show you either will hate or love and nothing in between. I mean, a secret organization who do their best to protect mankind from all the dark evil in the world, what's not to love?
  • This was a little before my time, i bought the DVD set and was pleasantly supprised.

    This show finished before i ever really got into TV, that being said i still went ahead i got the season one DVD set and really enjoyed some of the stories. So are really bad, but others are very good. I wasn't ecpecting much but i did like it. I really want to see seasons 2-4 but they are not on DVD yet (at least not in the UK), and so far i havn't heard that they will be releasing it. Thw writing to most episodes is good and most of the charactors are mildly intresting so hopefully i will one day be able to see the complete series. Honestly this is a very under-rated show, which prehaps could have gone on longer than it actually did because 4 seasons isn't that long, pleantly of potential stories are left to be dealt with.
  • Yes,I love this show just like another show called Friday the 13TH,but this was even better pretty women to look at and they'er smart that one thing I like about this show and good effects aswell,and good stories too.And some real scary I like to see it

    I should get this show on DVDreally now I miss it too and I know fan a this gem of a show is a big fan favorite for those who like horror this a great show on FOX give a chance and thank for doing so.Helen Shaver great to see her in something really good and Rebacca Chong aswell fine actress.
    Some ghost are really bad and some not,but something happen to this show in the third season it became different some how why,I don't know I becam someone power stuggle and that was dumdmess thing DVD must I have.
  • One of the three best TV series of all time. As soon as it is available on DVD I will buy it.

    This is a series that is, knowingly or unknowingly, based on reality and fact. There is such a secret order that has existed, at least as far back as the middle ages. As such it rates as one of the best quality, informative distributions of information to the general public that has ever been made. I am hoping it comes out on DVD soon. Obviously I would like to purchase it.
  • Gaze upon yonder main page...

    This show was fantastic, quite wierd but also fantastic! The story lines were creepy and addictive and the characters were impossible not to love! The entire show was classic. I do not know who came up with this idea, but they sure are smart! I still get a little thrill whenever I happen to run across a rerun, this show rocked!
  • The show starts interestingly, the acting is good, but still there's something missing.

    It's been while since I last saw this show, I didn't even remember it before somebody asked about it in the forums. But it's all getting back to me now...

    The shows atmosphere is great, the cast is great, but unfortunately the writing is full of clishés. Even if you're ready to overlook that there are still some dissapointments in store.

    Often the head characters don't have much influence in the events, they just drift along. But then again, the shows purpose is not Buffy style ass kickin' but more of a creating an atmosphere of horror and mystery. Still the show would had been better with a few a bit younger cast members and some humour. And if the characters would had taken up some more action and been overoll more 'heroic' the show could had been more interesting. Now the whole story of Derek taking charge of the organization is left on the background and no real continuity between the episodes is born.

    All in all the show is a bit above average in it's scarce genre.