Poltergeist: The Legacy - Season 2

(ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • The Choice
    Episode 22
    Rachel decides that she is going to take Kat and leave the Legacy. She has become increasingly worried about the danger she is putting Kat in by being a member of the team and the repercussions that that causes. The rest of the team try to persuade her otherwwise so she tells them about all the danger that Kat has been put in ever since she joined.moreless
  • Trapped
    Episode 21
    Derek is possessed by his father's spirit, which intends to assemble the elements to create a gateway that will allow the demons of hell to enter our world.
  • 8/3/97
    Sloan is on a jet on his way to San Francisco when they hit bad weather. Derek is on the phone talking to him when he suddenly loses contact and the plane vanishes from the radar. Derek and the team mobilise to find Sloan and the crew, if they survived, somewhere in the middle of a mountain range. Unknown to them one of the items Sloan had with him has released someone orsomething that is now holdong him prisoner.moreless
  • 7/25/97
    An old friend of Derek and Sloan's dies in Canada. After the funeral they think that more is involved than the authorities think. A fellow professor is snooping around, they find notes written in a language the three of them created many years ago, Derek keeps getting weird flashes and Serena, the friends wife, keeps seeing a strange creature in the triangular pond in the garden. All these things lead to Derek and Sloan staying in Canada longer than they had intended so they can investigate.moreless
  • Fear
    Episode 18
    Emily, a friend of Rachels', took over administrating Westview Sanitoruium 3 months ago. Since then there has been a number of strange deaths, patients dying of supposed heart failure. To help her friend Rachel agrees to get herself admitted as a patient and investigate from the inside.
  • Mind's Eye
    Episode 17
    A woman is being plagued by a poltergeist in her house. She calls in a spiritualist, Jeffrey Star, to help her out, unknown to her he is a fake and a conman. Her son deosn't trust him at all and calls the Legacy and Derek for help. Star is exposed as the fake he is and is thrown in a cell, where he is beaten up by a fellow inmate. After nearly dying in the cell he starts experience images in his head, he starts to believe that he know has real psychic powers. Meanwhile back at the Hoth household Derek and Alex are trying to help out and find out whether or not there really is a spirit in the house and what they can do to remove it if there is.moreless
  • Shadow Fall
    Episode 16
    A young american indian boy is taken into the principals office after being jumped by two bullies. He loses his phoenix talisman during the attack and his anger appears to manifest itself as a shadow warrior. The warrior attacks first the principal and then a police detective who is pushing his mother. Thrown into a cell on assault charges his only chance of freedom is from the Luna Foundation and its interest in unusaual phenomena. Derek comes to the police station to see if he can find out whether the boy is telling the truth or not about what happened.moreless
  • Silent Partner
    Episode 15
    Margaret and Laura Davis, two old friends of Derek and Nick's, return to San Franscisco. They perfrom seances and Margaret wants Nick and Derek to come along to one of them. It seems as if Laura is being 'taken over' by a spirit, 'Elizabeth', that is taking control of her body when she is unconscious. Rachel suggests that they need to find out more about 'Elizabeth' if they want to be able to help Laura.moreless
  • Lullaby
    Episode 14
    Kat and some of her friends experiment with an Isis board and manage to summon a presence of some kind or other. Kat collapses but is fine the next morning. She doesn't talk much about what happened and keeps quite about what they were really doing, afraid of getting herself and her friends into trouble. Later the presence forms itself as a woman who appears inside or outside their rooms and sings lullabies to them. The ghost seems to be passive, that is until one of the girls disappears overnight!moreless
  • Devil's Lighthouse
    Episode 13
    A lovelorn ghost abducts anyone who comes near an old lighthouse.
  • The Devil's Lighthouse
    Point Clifton, a small town just down the coast from San Francisco, is visited by the Legacy team after Derek sees an article in the paper. At a place known locally as 'The Devil's Lighthouse' a young boy vanished and his girlfriend is blinded. The girl insists that, before she was blinded, she saw her boyfriend, Bobby, vansih into the main light of the lighthouse, pulled there by a man!moreless
  • Repentance
    Episode 12
    Father Callaghan is implicated in the murder of one of his parishioners, he was found by the police with her body in his arms. The body was placed there by the spirit of Eric Ravenwood, a man he refused to absolve of his crimes before he was executed by the state. He wants Philip to absolve him now or he will kill again, and again, and again...... Can Derek and the Legacy team find some way to save Philip from this vengeful spirit and from the attentions of the police.moreless
  • Finding Richter
    Episode 11
    The Legacy team investigate the assassination of a catholic cardinal. Nick thinks it is the work of an old special forces officer who commanded his SEAL platoon. The platoon was wiped out, almost to a man, when Richter betrayed them. Nick goes of in search of Richter by himself, to stop the killings and to get revenge for the deceased members of his squadmoreless
  • Ransom
    Episode 10
    A ghostly figure arrives at the Legacy house and tells Derek that it has his sister, Ingrid, and will exchange her for The Blood Chalice. The chalice is an Incan artifact that is said to bestow immortality to whomever uses it to drink the blood of a still beating heart taken from a sacrifice.
    Derek visits the church where Ingrid is a nun and finds out that the woman who kidnapped her wore a Legacy Prefect ring. When Sloane arrives from London the number of women prefects that the Legacy have is revealed and the main suspect is soon deduced.
    Can Sloane and Derek find a way to find out where Ingrid is being held before she is killed and without giving away the chalice?moreless
  • Rough Beast
    Episode 9
    A young patient of Rachels comes to her, terrified by nightmares she has been having of a wolf like creature attacking her family and her home. Rachel tells Derek about this and he is convinced that the creature she is dreaming of is a werewolf! They both decide to investigate further to see if his theory is true and, if so, help save the family from the beast.moreless
  • 4/18/97
    Lukas Dumont arrives at the Legacy house, he is the son of an old lover of Dereks and claims to be his son. Derek believes him and tries to treat him as he wished his own father had treated him. Nick isn't convinced by the story that Lukas is telling and asks Rachel to help him find out more about Lukas and his mother.moreless
  • Dark Angel
    Episode 7
    It's a dark and rainy night and Nick is heading back to the Legacy house when a woman runs out in front of his car. Injured and terrified, screaming about a man who is following her she is in obvious distress. Nick decides to take her back to the house with him. Derek offers her sanctuary in the house for the night and Nick as an escort in the morning. Once she has settled down in her room the four Legacy members debate over whether or not she is telling the truth, imagining things or if it is all an act to get inside the Legacy house and past the security defences.moreless
  • Transference
    Episode 6
    Steven Romero, an old patient of Rachels who was convicted of five murders and sent to Headlands Correctional Medical Facility, a place for the criminally insane, kills two men and escapes. He has always 'loved' Rachel and she is worried that he may be planning to come looking for her. Visiting his cell Rachel and derek discover that he has been studying pagan rituals involving death and ritual sacrifice.moreless
  • The Gift
    Episode 5
    It's christmastime at the Legacy house. Derek has invited Rachel and Kat to stay there for the holiday period. After Kat opens a christmas eve present with her name on it she sees the 'ghost' of her father in the room wit her. The present turns out to be a russian doll and inside the smallest one is a very surprising, and potentially dangerous surprise.moreless
  • The Spirit Theif
    Episode 4
    An African shaman performs healing ceremonies using spirits.
  • The Spirit Thief
    The Spirit Thief
    Episode 4
    Alex's sister Tanya turns up in San Francisco to visit her. She is with her friend Daniel, an African healer/shaman. He wants Alex to join them, to help him cure people normal medicine cannot. Her friends in the Legacy don't trust him and think there is more to him and how his powers work than he is letting on.moreless
  • Lights Out!
    Episode 3
    Lat one night a large trunk is delivred to the Legacy house. It is addressed to William Sloane who was meant to be visiting his friends there. when opened the trunk is found to be full of old Scottish artifacts. Not long after the trunk has been opened strange things start happening in the house, the light bulbs keep breaking, high pitched sounds can be heard and unusual lights can be seen flying around. What the Legacy team need to work out is whether or not the trunk has anything to do with this or is it just a coincidence that the trunk arrived just before the problems started?moreless
  • Black Widow
    Episode 2
    The legacy investigates a series of murders of all male victims who are found naked. While it seems to be a sex crime, the team realizes that a creature called a succubus, is assuming their former lover's identities to kill them.
  • The New Guard
    Episode 1
    Driving down a foggy, dark road Nick and Alex nearly run down Derek. They leave their car to find out what is going on only to have Derek pull a gun on them, argue with himself about shooting his friends and then pull the trigger on himself. With Derek critical in the Rose County Hospital, the head of the London house, William Sloan, turns up to take charge. The three of them continue with the investigation that Derek was involved in, in Rose County itself, trying to find out what is causing the large number of suicides that have been occurring around the town. If they are unsuccessful, Derek could get the chance to finish off what he started.moreless