Poltergeist: The Legacy - Season 3

(ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • The Darkside
    Episode 22
    In the aftermath of the assault by Marcus in the previous episode, a vampire woman from the Darkside tries to turn Alex against the Legacy by pointing out its past failures. Clips of previous episodes are shown.
  • Armies of the Night
    Armies of the Night
    Episode 21
    When unknown forces beseige the Legacy House while Kristin and Rachel are away, Derek goes over his recollections of past enemies to try to identify who might be returning. Clips of previous episodes are shown.
  • 8/7/98
    Kristin takes off to find her long-missing father after receiving a mysterious ancient map, but Derek and Nick are suspicious and follow her to Istanbul.
  • Out of Sight
    Episode 19
    Professional psychic Jeffrey Starr (from episode 39 "Mind's Eye") seeks the Legacy's help when he is threatened by a vengeful spirit who blames Starr for his death.
  • Seduction
    Episode 18
    After discovering an ancient artifact, Alex, Kristin and Rachel find themselves charmed by a mysterious stranger.
  • The Internment
    Episode 17
    Derek and Nick race to rescue Kristin and Rachel, who are trapped in a ghost town that will disappear at dawn.
  • The Covenant
    Episode 16
    Derek, Alex and Rachel investigate the mysterious death of a young nun. But as they continue to investigate further in the convent, the mystery begins to unravel and the reason for her death becomes apparent. Meanwhile Kristin and Nick take a road trip as Nick struggles to deal with his brother's death.moreless
  • The Human Vessel
    Episode 15
    A stroke of lightning transforms an autistic patient of Rachel's into a dangerous genius. But this transformation soon becomes a problem when the patient begins to put people's lives in danger.
  • The Prodigy
    Episode 14
    Kristen gets together with an old flame, Eugene, a concert pianist who appears to be oddly under the control of his agent. At first Kristen ignores the deaths surrounding her love, but then Eugene begins to spin out of control. Will Derek and Nick be able to rescue Kristen in time?moreless
  • La Belle Dame Sans Merci
    Alex finds herself reliving the life of an ancestor who has possessed her and causes her to sleepwalk, causing her grandmother to fear for her health. But when the dreams get worse, the truth about her ancestor is finally revealed to her, and the reason why she seeks revenge on an old enemy.moreless
  • Metamorphosis
    Episode 12
    When a patient Rachel is counseling stabs her and then kills himself, she is infected with a virus that gives her murderous compulsions.
  • Irish Jug
    Episode 11
    The spirits of a couple of 18th century Irish roustabouts are freed from the jug that had been imprisoning them, and they possess the bodies of Derek and his friend.
  • Hell Hath No Fury
    Episode 10
    Derek and the team investigate an apparent ritualistic murder of a convicted killer. It appears that the death was actually caused by an artifact stolen from the Legacy collection. The hit man who is responsible summons three demons from hell to mete out justice to those who he has branded with an ancient scepter.moreless
  • The Light
    Episode 9
    Members of the Barnard family have been dying, all under mysterious circumstances. When Rachel gets the Legacy involved to protect her old family friends, they soon realise that everything comes back to Todd's romance with Angela Sanchez, and her grandmother's pain.
  • Debt of Honor
    Episode 8
    At the funeral of a high school friend, Joe, Nick meets up with another high school friend, John. Joe's ghost, in turn, seeks vengeance because of the circumstances behind his death.
  • Dream Lover
    Episode 7
    Derek is weakened after sleeping with a dead Legacy member's fiancée, who has been possessed by a spirit from an ancient Minoan urn.
  • Fallen Angel
    Episode 6
    The Legacy must intervene when a dead woman's spirit returns to earth from Heaven to rescue her lover's soul from Hell, not realizing the danger that he will return with new powers to commit evil.
  • Father to Son
    Episode 5
    Nick witnessed his father's death, but then learns that his father did not die by accident. His father's ghost asks him to help find his murderer and avenge his death. But Nick has trouble solving the case when it comes to light that his father was abusive to him when he was a child.moreless
  • Stolen Hearts
    Episode 4
    Rachel falls in love with a man who turns out to have achieved his success by making a pact with the Devil. At the same time, Kat comes under attack by dark forces.
  • 2/6/98
    Kristin arrives in San Francisco from Boston to join the group's investigation of a series of church fires. What she doesn't tell them is that she thinks her younger brother may have joined the cult that the setting the fires.
  • Light of Day (2)
    Light of Day (2)
    Episode 2
    Having been bitten by a vampire, Alex's transition to one will be complete as soon as she succeeds in killing the object of her blood lust -- Nick.
  • Darkness Falls (1)
    Darkness Falls (1)
    Episode 1
    In New Orleans, Alex encounters an old college friend who is now a vampire. But when she is bitten she begins to transform into a vampire but the process will only be completed when she has taken her first human life.