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Poltergeist: The Legacy

Season 1 Episode 1

The Fifth Sepulcher (1)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 1996 on
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Episode Summary

The Fifth Sepulcher (1)
This episode introduces The Legacy, a secretive group that protects the innocent from the Dark Side and its agents. Derek Rayne inherits the title of Precept, or leader, after his father's death when Derek was a teenager. The others on his team are Alex Moreau, a psychic, Nick Boyle, a former Navy SEAL and Julia Walker. Derek gets a vision about a little girl and the last of the five sepulchers he is looking for, and takes the team to Ireland. There they encounter Rachel Corrigan, a widow, and her daughter, Kat. Tragedy follows and the one of the team members is lost.moreless

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  • Poltergeist the Legacy; a rough diamond

    Before people start complaining about the show, it was filmed in 1996, effects weren't that well done as nowadays and they were expensive. I think Ptl did good with the money they had. It was about the characters, not the flashy glitter stuff we tend to see in every show these days.

    It's about a small group of people who battle the evil in the world on a daily basis. This pilot is about the Sepulchers, boxes in which the five fallen angels have been locked into but once they're opened all together, a portal to Hell will open. The team has to prevent that from happening and as a viewer you're thrown right into that. I like that, the way you just but into their lives like the show has been running for years. It gives the characters more depth.

    Derek de Lint and Martin Cummins shine throughout the show and there was only one minor thing about it, that Julia Walker (Jordan Bayne) died. I would have loved to see more of her.moreless
  • Poltergeist: The yawn-acy.

    Oh my god, what a bad pilot. The show is promising and had a lot of potential but really just ends up being dreadful and boring like hell.

    First of all, the acting couldn’t have been worse. It begins with some dumb kid with a father, they go a place. Pointless much? So anyway, the dad opens something and a skeleton comes out of it and he throws the dad away and that kills him. His dumb kid closes the box and…end.

    So then that same dumb kid has grown up and now he’s some ugly man with a crew and they want to find that box. He has flashes of some idiot girl who wants a box. The same box.

    So, the bumb girl finds the box and her mom buys it. But then the shopkeeper stays with it and opens it and gets possessed. Then one of the guy’s slaves goes there and sees that it’s open. She escapes but eventually is caught and dies.

    The entire episode was boring, badly written and just painfully dull. This is a show without any reason to exist.

    Though it wasn’t entirely bad, some acting and writing was okay. I just hated that nothing was explained and the episode just seemed pointless. Also it took ages until something finally happened and when it did, it was baaad. The effects alone.

    All in all, this is easily the worst pilot of any show I’ve seen. Very Disappointing but some people might like it.

Myles Ferguson

Myles Ferguson

Young Derek Rayne

Guest Star

William Sadler

William Sadler

Shamus Bloom

Guest Star

W. Morgan Sheppard

W. Morgan Sheppard


Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • In an interview with Jordan Bayne it is said that they had a scene in which they tried time and time again to get down... but in the end it was dropped because they kept cracking up when no one could get one word all on cue. It ended up going to Derek and they changed the scene that, instead of in the Control Room, ended in the secret vault where he said "I knew it" when told about Ireland being the place of the 5th sepulchre.

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  • NOTES (6)

    • The outside shots of the San Francisco Legacy House are of Hatley Castle, an historic mansion located in British Colombia.  The exterior has been used in several movies and TV series, most notably as Xavier's School for the Gifted in first of the X-men film series, the home of Lex Luthor in Smallville, and the Queen mansion in Arrow.

    • When the antique owner drops the sepulcher on the floor, the only things it smashes is a statue of the Virgin Mary - a sign of what perhaps is in the box.

    • We learn that Rachel's son and husband died in a car accident.

    • We find out that the demons in the 5 sepulcher's are fallen angels. Angels that were sent to protect women years ago, but ended up mating with the women. The angels were cast out of heaven, and placed in the sepulcher's.

    • When Winston dies, he passes on his Legacy ring to Derek. (From father to son). This image is quite similar to a scene in the series finale 'The Beast Within', where Derek passes on his Legacy ring to Nick.

    • From the start of this episode we get the impression that the relationship between Winston and Derek is a very strained one, in which the two do not get along. Winston seems to be an alcoholic, which Derek did not approve of.