Poltergeist: The Legacy

Season 1 Episode 2

The Fifth Sepulcher (2)

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 21, 1996 on
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The Fifth Sepulcher (2)
The team comes together as Derek searches for the keys.

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  • The cute baby from hell

    The second part of the pilot had many impressive moments and parts that made me go ‘oh’

    Sadly it still had some bad acting, cheesy scenes and terrible moments.

    Though, I loved how each character lost the key. It was impressive, the make-up and some of the acting. I do hate the actor that plays for Phillipe, his accent is so fake and irritating that it hurts.

    The best scenes were the sex scenes and when Rachel had her baby, that was just disturbing and gross at the same time. It was also good when they found Julia dead, it’s a shame. That actress could have given something to this show, she was creepy and had a good chemistry. They should have killed one of the others.

    Besides all of this, the boy who was the beast was terrible and couldn’t make an expression if his life depended on him. Also it was too easy the way the demon stole the keys, it made the characters look retarded.

    All in all, the second pilot did have it’s great moments. But not everything worked, I mean. The cat possessed by the monster? Why? What kind of purpose did it have? Also after the gatehell was closed?

    And why did that stupid Rachel take the little girl’s key? She must be a moron. But the episode had it’s creepy factors, good acting and good scenes. Mixed with bad writing, bad acting and bad special effects. But it’s still far superior than the first part. It was also a bit disturbing when the man was shot and his body rot away, and once again when Rachel had the baby, yikes.

  • The Key is the word

    It's not my favo episode but it was a good one. I felt Alex had less screentime then the rest, wich was a pity but forgivenable.

    The scene where Julia died was heart clenching and gut wrenching, especially when Nick and Derek find her. The shout Nick gives creates goosebumps all over (very well acted by Martin Cummins). I hated to see Jordan Bayne go though, she was a good Julia who could have been fun to have as part of the team.

    Every teammember looses his or her key differently and the scenes show a good insight on the characters, though sometimes it seemed rushed. I would have liked to see them mourn more and take time to think about stuff.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (3)

    • Derek: (at Julia's funeral) There are a few things in this world of which I'm certain. For every darkness in life, there's light; for every evil, there is good; there is a God in heaven.

    • Philip: (seeing Nick using a blowtorch) Still fighting fire with fire?
      Nick: Still pretending to be a priest?

    • Nick: A Legacy member who leaves the house can never return. I thought those were the rules.
      Derek: Philip never left us in spirit.
      Nick: (angered) Yeah, well he's not much good to us without his body, is he?

  • NOTES (1)

    • Philip tells Derek, "The last battleground must be here (the Legacy house" The statement is true. In the series finale the last battle is fought at the site of the Legacy House.