Poltergeist: The Legacy

Season 1 Episode 4

Town Without Pity

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 03, 1996 on

Episode Recap

The episode begins in a religious driven small village. a church service has just ended and a man makes a run for the woods. He finds a bridge in the woods and begins to cross it, as he crosses the bridge he gets stopped by some strange invisible force. On the bridge a Reverend approaches him, places his hand on the man's forehead, which kills him. (Obviously people are not allowed to leave the village). At the Legacy House, Nick comes in the conference room and tells Derek that he has uncovered some information on a lost colony from 50 years ago. Nick wants to investigate what happened to it. Derek persuades Nick to take Rachel along. We find that Rachel has had some kind of mid-life break-down, she can't seem to handle and understand what she has witnessed in the last several weeks. She reluctantly agrees to go with him. Nick and Rachel approach the bridge which the man at the start of the episode, died on. They cross the bridge and enter some kind of portal. They seem to be unaware that they have entered any kind of portal. They walk into the village and enter a church, where the Reverend welcomes them to a "New Eden". Nick and Rachel join the Reverend Abraham Hawking for an evening meal, where we seen the inhabitants of this "New Eden" dressed in old style Victorian clothing and use wooden spoons, they don't use knifes and forks. Nick and Rachel learn that the people living there came from all over the United States. The Reverend persuades Nick and Rachel to stay for the night as he claims a storm is coming. Rachel talks to one of the women there. Rachel discovers that the towns people have been led to believe by the Reverend that the outside world is a desolate place, in where the devil rules supreme. The woman seems shocked that the world outside is normal and that Rachel and Nick were able to just walk into the village. Meanwhile, Nick has left the village and is heading for the bridge. However, the Reverend finds a lighter in Nicks bag and believes that Nick and Rachel are working for the devil. Nick tries to cross the bridge but is prevented by an invisible force. In all the confusion, Nick is knocked unconscious by one of the Reverends men. The Next morning, Alex and Derek realize that Nick and Rachel have not yet checked in, Derek becomes suspicious. Derek and Alex leave to find Nick and Rachel. Back in the village, Nick has been placed in prison. He meets a fellow prisoner who tells him that it is impossible to escape the village. There are now rumors flying around that their is a real world out there. Some of the women begin questioning why they have not been allowed out of the village, if everything is normal. Derek and Alex have now arrived at the bridge. They begin to cross, when Derek stops. He gets a tree branch and walks forward with it, he witnesses the tree branch gets sucked into the portal. In the village, the Reverend seduces Rachel, but she fights back and sets his cabin of fire. Rachel is caught and tied up to a wooden post in the center of the village - about to be burned at the stake. The next morning Derek enters the village, and crosses the bridge. Meanwhile, Nick has escaped and meets up with Derek . They spot Rachel tied up. They go looking through the Reverend's cabin where they find a hidden mirror. That night Derek confronts the Reverend and challenges his faith. Derek shows the towns people the mirror and they see their true selves, a horrid reflection of people who have been dead for years. Derek realizes that they are trapped souls. Derek convinces the towns people to leave, they all vanish and fly up to heaven. When the last soul leaves the village, the Reverend looses all of his power and is destroyed. The village vanishes and the team return to the woods. Rachel tells Derek that she is now certain that her place in life is with the Legacy!
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