Poltergeist: The Legacy

Season 1 Episode 4

Town Without Pity

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 03, 1996 on

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  • The Christian Right Aint Either

    Rachel (Legacy newbie) and Nick (bad-ass, Navy seal) become trapped in 18th century, early American colony run by a religious fanatic named Reverend Abraham Hawking.

    Like any good zealot, Hawking rules with an iron fist, and treats dissent as capital offense. If you need a real life comparison, imagine if the "Christian Right" was given absolute power in America, and you get the general idea of how things are run in this little colony. The purpose of this particular episode is two-fold.

    Firstly, Rachel needed to leave the relative safety of the mansion and go on an actual supernatural case. Despite what she (and her daughter) experienced in the two-part, pilot episode, Rachel was still prone to doubting the existence of the supernatural in favor of science or some sort of medical illness or condition.

    Secondly, the episode offers the audience a bit of social/ethical commentary by reminding Christians about the importance of pity . compassion, kindness, charity and love) and by being critical of religious fundamentalism (especially its sexist and authoritarian nature) .

    The climax of the episode -- where the residents realize that they are all dead and that the their leader has been keeping them from moving onto heaven, is especially well done and furthers the two main purposes of the episode.

    Overall, this is probably one of my favorite, first season Legacy episodes (and this is coming from someone who tends to be critical of the show's first season)
  • Nick and Rachel are on their own

    Mainly an episode for Rachel since after this one she officially joins, finally getting what the rest of the team have been trying to explain to her.

    THe general idea of a man wanting to 'protect' his folowers from the evil that the world was now while they had no idea that their lives were flying by, was in fact alluring. And with NIck and Rachel being caught in that web of lies with only a few hours left or they were trapped in the time bubble made it all the more interesting.

    Nick gets knocked out, it will not be the last time either, and chained up with Rachel tied to a post to be burned alive it's up to Derek to safe them.