Pop! Goes the Country

Season 9 Episode 25

Bill Anderson / Gail Davies

Aired Unknown Oct 23, 1982 on

Episode Recap

Tom T. opens with The Wabash Cannonball – Bobby Burbank (Jim Varney) enters with another of his screwy ideas, this time, of having an 'escape' act, to enhance the show. With Tom's help, he tries to get out of some handcuffs, but is unsuccessful – Gail Davies sings the Joni Mitchell composition You Turn Me On I'm A Radio – Tom chats for a bit with Bill Anderson, at the bar, and 'Shotglass' The Bartender (Jim Varney) comments on how Bill looks like Donny Osmond – Bill Anderson sings Southern Fried – After the number, Bobby is now convinced that Bill Anderson is Donny Osmond, and Bill simply gives in, and agrees with him – Later, in Gail Davies' dressing room, Bobby tries some card tricks on Gail, but she sneaks away, while he's blindfolded – Gail sings 'Round The Clock Lovin' – Bobby Burbank tries another magic trick, this time involving Bill Anderson's hat, and some eggs, but only succeeds in making a mess of himself – Bill Anderson sings You Turn The Light On – Tom steps in, and Bill comments on how funny Bobby Burbank is. Bobby steps in with another idea for an escape trick, and Bill and Tom help out by wrapping Bobby in chains, just before a commercial break – After the break, Beegie Adair plays the piano a bit, while Tom thanks his guests, and the show closes, as Bobby enters, still trying to get out of the chains.

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