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  • Not even a funny show to watch!

    This is a very pointless show full of daydreamers who have no lives, who think they can sing! I mean, Gareth Gates and Will Young, two of Britain's one week wonders are now hardly ever mentioned. I hated those two anyway, so I don't really care. I know, let's do another year so we can find more one week wonders. One word to describe this show. PATHETIC!
  • Proper Saturday night entertainment

    I love Pop Idol. I think that the early auditions are amazingly funny and they are often the best parts of the series. The tension as the contestents fate hangs in the balance is often unbearable but dam fine entertainment! The show is both entertainin and clever. Simon Cowell is a genius. Long may Pop Idol reign!
  • Pop Idol is the show which has transformed the world of television talent shows. The format was originated in the United Kingdom and has been sold to television networks all over the world. Simon Cowell is the judge the viewers love to hate but his views

    Pop Idol is the show which has changed television talent shows for ever. The format originated on the ITV network in the United Kingdom and the format has been sold worldwide. Simon Cowell is the judge the viewers love to hate but his views are always spot on. Simon Cowell is also a judge on the American version of Pop Idol called American Idol. The show has the best hosts in the world in the duo of Ant and Dec. Other judges on the show are Neil Fox, Pete Waterman and Nicki Chapman. What is good about the show is that anyone can apply. Watching the bad singers is as good as watching those with talent. Simon's comments to those with no talent is pure entertainment! The show has made huge stars in series one winner Will Young and runner up Gareth Gates.
  • Pop Idol is abit funny in the way that no one can sing on that show.

    The only reason I gave this show a 4 and not a 0.1 is because if I ever see it on the Tv I just love to take the diss out of the singers or screamers, the fact is you dont want to watch this show for the singing!, you want to watch this show for the sheer comedy that no one on the show can sing. Look at the last pop idol, Michelle McManus won the competition and look where she is today, nowhere. If you ask me I would say that nobody is going to make talent out of these people. The only Succesful winners are probably Will Young and Gareth Gates. But that was way back in time and they are nowhere now. Watch for comedy, dont watch for singing.