Pop Idol - Season 1

ITV (ended 2003)




Episode Guide

  • Will Young - Pop Idol
    A special documentary based on Will Young, winner of Pop Idol. The camera's follow him as he adjusts to life in the public gaze and prepares for the release of his debut single called Evergreen. The episode also contains bonus footage of Gareth Gates performing a duet with Rachel Stevens, of S Club fame.moreless
  • Grand Finale - Will Wins
    Ant and Dec present the live final of Pop Idol. Will and Gareth perform the single they will release should they win. The judges take to the streets of London to drum up support for the finalists. The two finalists each perform again. Ant and Dec chat to past performers from the series. The result is in and Will is declared the winner. Will performs his debut single called Evergreen.moreless
  • Judge's Choice - Darius Eliminated
    With only one week until the winning Pop Idol is announced, the final three guys give it their all to make it to the last stage. William, Darius and Gareth perform two songs each chosen by themselves, and they all give spectacular performances (a thing reiterated by the judges), but one must go. Two hours after their performances, the show returns with the results. As the bookies predicted, Darius Danesh, the 23-year-old lone Scot in the contest, is eliminated, leaving behind the final two - William and Gareth. Who will win?moreless
  • Performer's Choice - Zoe Eliminated
    With only two weeks of the competition left, the final four Pop Idols appear at the film premiere of Moulin Rouge and then perform their hearts out. Two hours after the performances were completed, the public vote was in and Ant and Dec reveal that Zoe Birkett, the 16-year-old schoolgirl and only female still in the contest, has been eliminated, leaving behind just the three guys.moreless
  • Big Band Night - Hayley Eliminated
    Gareth, Darius, Zoe, Hayley and William perform big band numbers (songs sung with a big brass band playing behind them) which is the biggest test in their time in the competition. Some rise to the occasion Zoe and William but other's fall at the wayside Hayley and Gareth. Two hours later Ant and Dec return and announce the results of the public vote. Hayley Evetts, the 23-year-old Brummie babe, is eliminated from the competition.moreless
  • Songs By Abba - Rosie Eliminated
    We're down to the final six, and tonight Zoe, William, Rosie, Gareth, Hayley and Darius perform their favourite Abba songs to the live audience, and we get a glimpse of the six of them spending some time in a luxury health resort. Two hours later Ant and Dec return with the results of the public vote. Rosie Ribbons, the 23-year-old Welsh shop assistant, is eliminated from the competition leaving behind the final five contestants.moreless
  • Music From The Movies - Laura Eliminated
    Ant and Dec present the latest of the live finals. We're down to the final seven and tonight Zoe, Hayley, Laura, Rosie, Gareth, Darius and William perform songs of their choice from the movies. We also get a glimpse of them spending some quality time together. Two hours after their performances, Ant and Dec return with the results of the public vote. Laura Doherty, the Irish lovely who has consistently had one of the lowest votes of the show, is finally eliminated from the competition.moreless
  • Burt Bacharach Songs - Aaron Eliminated
    We're down to the last eight, and Gareth, Darius, Aaron, William, Rosie, Laura, Zoe and Hayley each performed Burt Bacharach songs for the live and viewing audience. Footage was also shown of the finalists taking part in a photo shoot for OK magazine. Two hours after they performed Ant and Dec return with the results of the public vote. With the majority of the votes Aaron Bailey, the 26-year-old train driver, was eliminated from the competition leaving behind the final seven.moreless
  • Christmas Show - Jessica Eliminated
    Ant and Dec present the second of the live finals. They annouce that Rik Waller has been forced to withdraw from the competition through illness, and is to be replaced by the person who came third in his heat, Darius. Darius joins Zoe, Hayley, Rosie, Gareth, Aaron, William, Jessica and Laura as they perform their favourite Christmas songs to the live studio audience. Two hours after their performances, Ant and Dec return with the voting results. Jessica Garlik, was eliminated from the contest, leaving behind the final eight singers.moreless
  • Pop Idols - Korben Eliminated
    Ant and Dec present the first of the live finals. The ten Pop Idol finalists perform in front of a live audience for the first time. Gareth, Zoe, Hayley, Laura, Rosie, Jessica, William, Korben and Aaron all took to the stage to perform songs sung by their own Pop Idols, but Rik's throat infection stopped him from competing. Two hours after the final nine sang their hearts out, the show returns with the results show. The public have voted and Korben Niblett, the George Michael fan, is ejected from the competition.moreless
  • Pop Idol - The Story So Far
    As Pop Idol prepares to enter its final stages and the live format kicks off, we look back at the past two months, from the early auditions (we get a chance to see all ten's first auditions in some previous unseen footage) right through to the selection of final ten.
  • The Final 50 - Heat 5
    The final 10 singers compete for the final two places available in the live finals. Ric Waller comes in for heavy criticism after his performance from Simon. All the judges are impressed by Aaron. Ant and Dec return several hours later with the live result. Darius finds out he has just missed out on a place in the last 10 when he finishes third in the public vote. Aaron and Ric are announced at the two singers through to the finals.moreless
  • The Final 50 - Heat 4
    Another 10 singers perform hoping to get through to the live finals. Jessica impresses the judges but not everyone is so fortunate. Rosie manages to impress the judges too. Ant and Dec announce that the public agree with the judges and Rosie and Jessica are voted through to the next round.moreless
  • The Final 50 - Heat 3
    Another ten hopeful singers perfom for the judges and the watching public. Will Young disagrees with Simon's comments about him. Ant and Dec announce that Will and Korben are through to the live finals.
  • The Final 50 - Heat 2
    Ant and Dec present the second heat of the final 50 shows. Hayley and Laura impress the judges with their performances. The public agree and Laura and Hayley are voted through to the next round.
  • The Final 50 - Heat 1
    The first ten performers from the final 50 sing to the judges and viewing public. All the judges are clearly impressed by Gareth's performance. Ant and Dec chat with each performer after they have sang. After an anxious wait Ant and Dec announce that Gareth and Zoe have been voted through to the live finals.moreless
  • Series 1 - The Final 100 Auditions 2
    It is day two from London and the final 64 will today find out who has made it through to the final 50. Today the singers will have to sing with backing tracks for the first time. The judges find the decision who should go through difficult to make and are split on their decisions. The unlucky 14 find out who have fallen at the last hurdle.moreless
  • Series 1 - The Final 100 Auditions 1
    Ant and Dec present coverage of the 100 finalists singing their hearts out in London. Simon explains that in two days time 100 will become 50. The finalists are nervous as they wait to find out who will be the first ones sent home. 76 people go through to the first afternoon session. The remaining singers are split into groups of three and given an hour to perfect a song together. At the end of the day another twelve singers are sent home.moreless
  • Series 1 - Open Auditions 5
    It's the final footage from the nationwide open auditions. Simon Cowell tells hopeful Aaron Bailey that he is the people's choice and all four judges put him through to the second phase.
  • Series 1 - Open Auditions 4
    Ant and Dec present the fourth of the open audition shows. The judges are split in their decision over Nicola. More freaky performances scare the judges. David impresses the judges. The audition process comes to an end.
  • Series 1 - Open Auditions 3
    Ant and Dec present the third of the audition shows. Former Popstars hopeful Darius impresses the judges and gets through to the next round. Simon is not impressed by many of the contestant's performances. The judges are clearly impressed by Jessica who tells Pete that he is her idol. Many more hopes are dashed by the judges comments.moreless
  • Series 1 - Open Auditions 2
    Ant and Dec present the second of the open audition shows. Pete is asked for a fight but decides to decline the offer. The judges ears are subjected to yet more awful renditions. The judges are impressed by Zoe Birkett.
  • Series 1 - Open Auditions 1
    Ant and Dec present the first episode of this new reality show to find Britain's next new Pop Idol. The four judges are introduced for the first time and they are Simon Cowell, Neil Fox, Nicki Chapman and Pete Waterman. Singers good and bad perform to the judges hoping to get through to the next round. All the judges are impressed by Gareth Gates.moreless