Pop-Up Video

VH1 (ended 2002)


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  • Informative, interesting, and often funny, show.

    Unfortunately I didn't really get into this series till near the end of its life. When I first saw it, I was annoyed at all the pop-ups. They detracted from the video. Then when I actually took the time to watch it, I realized that was the whole point.
    I've always been a fan of riffing, I saw this was just a new way to do it. All the info was tidbits about the video, the song, or the band you might not otherwise know. Much of it was funny info, and some of the comments were very sarcastic and witty.
    I admit it got somewhat repetitive, but I still enjoyed it. TV needs something like this back on the air.
  • A childhood favorite

    When I was in Middle school, I loved watching this show! It was a very awesome show, but I think the novelty wore off pretty fast, but I still tuned in, than everyone started watching it and copying it, but we need more show like this on TV. In other words, chocolate cake with vitamins added. Slightly sarcastic as well, it sort of Jump the Shark after they came out with a board game, a book, and started doing it on award shows, concert specials, and prime-time sitcoms. Deep down I think they're are tons of movies and TV shows that need to be "popped"!