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PopCultured was a short-lived show on Canada's Comedy Network, that aired almost every weekday. The show was hosted by comedian Elvira Kurt.
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  • This is one of the worst television shows I've ever seen.

    While the concept could have worked under the control of someone competent, Popcultured just falls flat on its face. It attempts to make fun of the celebrities everyone already makes fun of, and usually with juvenile, amateur results. Either this show needs to have all its writers and actors replaced, or it needs to be cancelled.
  • This show Sucks, actually it sucks and blows.

    This show bugs me so much, it is beyond horrible and Elvira Curt is one of the worst comedians ever. Im begging you please cancel this show. We dont need any more crappy shows. I will never watch this show again. And i cant tell im not the only one who hates this show. For humanity please cancel it.
  • The Worst Show I've Ever Seen.

    Pop Cultured is the worst show I have ever seen on TV. I can't believe something this awful was ever put on TV in the first place. I can only hope that everyone involved in this show (writers, creators, producers, actors) were fired when this turd was finally canceled and have been banned from ever working on a TV show again. Someone else said "if poo could barf the result would be Popcultured", which I agree with. Actually that might be an insult to poo since unlike Pop Cultured it actually has a use, as a fertilizer. I don't know what puke can be used for but I'm sure it's better than Pop Cultured too. I can't say enough how truly truly awful this show was. Deplorable, pathetic, juvenile, completely devoid of any value whatsoever.moreless

    This show is/was truly pathetic. I can not believe that it was ever put on TV in the first place. Can just anybody have a TV show? Seriously because if that is the case then I want my own TV show I can't be any less funny than Popcultured was. It was so bad it can't even be put into words. If you are reading this and you saw Popcultured before then you know exactly what I mean. If you haven't seen it, well then I guess just count yourself lucky because you really dodged a bullet. Pathetic. Just plain bloody awful.moreless
  • Abysmal!

    This show is a travesty in every possible way. The host was the worst host in TV history to the point where I wasn't just bored, disinterested or disliking it, I would truly become angry when I watched this show because it was so bad I was insulted. They actually put this person on TV and believe we want to watch it? She couldn't tell her own jokes much less interview people and make it interesting at all. It was painful.

    The cast was awful as a whole, the jokes/writing was awful, and every aspect of the show was terrible. Half the time you could hear the studio audience role their eyes at the awful jokes/hosting which raises the question why didn't they even use a laugh track? They couldn't even realize that obvious mistake! A true travesty of a show, possibly the worst TV show ever.moreless