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  • This is one of the worst television shows I've ever seen.

    While the concept could have worked under the control of someone competent, Popcultured just falls flat on its face. It attempts to make fun of the celebrities everyone already makes fun of, and usually with juvenile, amateur results. Either this show needs to have all its writers and actors replaced, or it needs to be cancelled.
  • This show Sucks, actually it sucks and blows.

    This show bugs me so much, it is beyond horrible and Elvira Curt is one of the worst comedians ever. Im begging you please cancel this show. We dont need any more crappy shows. I will never watch this show again. And i cant tell im not the only one who hates this show. For humanity please cancel it.
  • The Worst Show I've Ever Seen.

    Pop Cultured is the worst show I have ever seen on TV. I can't believe something this awful was ever put on TV in the first place. I can only hope that everyone involved in this show (writers, creators, producers, actors) were fired when this turd was finally canceled and have been banned from ever working on a TV show again. Someone else said "if poo could barf the result would be Popcultured", which I agree with. Actually that might be an insult to poo since unlike Pop Cultured it actually has a use, as a fertilizer. I don't know what puke can be used for but I'm sure it's better than Pop Cultured too. I can't say enough how truly truly awful this show was. Deplorable, pathetic, juvenile, completely devoid of any value whatsoever.

    This show is/was truly pathetic. I can not believe that it was ever put on TV in the first place. Can just anybody have a TV show? Seriously because if that is the case then I want my own TV show I can't be any less funny than Popcultured was. It was so bad it can't even be put into words. If you are reading this and you saw Popcultured before then you know exactly what I mean. If you haven't seen it, well then I guess just count yourself lucky because you really dodged a bullet. Pathetic. Just plain bloody awful.
  • Abysmal!

    This show is a travesty in every possible way. The host was the worst host in TV history to the point where I wasn't just bored, disinterested or disliking it, I would truly become angry when I watched this show because it was so bad I was insulted. They actually put this person on TV and believe we want to watch it? She couldn't tell her own jokes much less interview people and make it interesting at all. It was painful.
    The cast was awful as a whole, the jokes/writing was awful, and every aspect of the show was terrible. Half the time you could hear the studio audience role their eyes at the awful jokes/hosting which raises the question why didn't they even use a laugh track? They couldn't even realize that obvious mistake! A true travesty of a show, possibly the worst TV show ever.
  • A show so terrible it doesn't even deserve to be dignified with a review.

    It's already been said: Popcultured is the result of a completely untalented staff attempting to duplicate the successes of one of the most popular comedies of today, in this case being 'The Daily Show.'

    Elvira Kurt is no Jon Stewart, plain and simple. While pop-culture is certainly a worthy subject for satirical commentary, there simply isn't any talent or wit anywhere to be found here to make it work, and all 'jokes' (and it even pains me to call them such) are only followed by awkward silences and charitable chuckles by a handful of people in the audience. That itself is funny to watch, but can't possibly deserve a series.

    Watch something else, and pray that this doesn't make Canadian television even more mediocre than it already is.

    On the plus side, the introductory segment is mildly entrancing.
  • A great show! Makes me laugh all the time :3 "Here's a recap of lost. They're still lost." XD!!!!

    Give the show a chance! It's great! A great show! Makes me laugh all the time :3
    "Here's a recap of lost. They're still lost." XD!!!! However I hate the interviewees, except when it was the Canadian idols :D I hate David Reale though, bring back Levi Macdougle! Woo! Yeah.
  • An unfunny comedian hosts an unfunny show.

    I really can't stand this show. I really can't. And the reasons are scatterd amongst the horrible writing, the anger enducing Elvira Kurt, and the several other idiots that try and make this show funny. It's a shot to Canadian comedy, which didn't have a great reputation to begin with.

    I don't mean to be crude, but it's hard not to. This show actually makes me want to better it. Although that wouldn't be too hard to do.

    I realize this is a poor attempt at a review, but it's rare that a show makes me write one this fast. You know, cause it disgusts me to the pit of my stomach.
  • Never recovered from the last hiatus.

    In its inception, “Popcultured” was not a very good show. Actually, it was so lame that one might have expected the writing staff of writing a very cleverly concealed satire of the entertainment newsmagazine/talk show, but host Elvira Kurt’s cringes after each failed joke in the opening monologue indicated otherwise. No, this was just another one of those Canadian cable comedy series, with a poor host, laughable “celebrity” guests and correspondents who weren’t much better (in fact, they were worse in some cases).

    Then something happened. There wasn’t a formal shift in this shows focus or anything, but Kurt’s cringes came less often. The material started to bite a little more, and the correspondents (especially Jean Paul, Levi McDougall and Laurie Elliott) were worth the price of admission alone. The interviews were still horrendous, granted, but just about everything else was worth recording on a daily basis. If only that had lasted.

    Sadly, in the last hiatus (which I can only suppose was Comedy Network imposed, as the new “Popcultured” had several subtle changes from the former), something happened. One can’t really put a finger on what, but what was obvious was that the show that came back was something different. Deflated would probably be the best word, as everything seemed to run by the numbers and the jokes just didn’t have that same bite anymore. Sadly, this isn’t the show that was so very funny during its brief strong period. Laurie Elliott is really the only funny correspondent left, and Kurt herself is unwatchable. Except for brief moments of brilliance, her monologues have become complete write-offs. In the end (although the actual end has not yet come for the show, just my ability to watch it regularly), “Popcultured” is the Canadian television tragedy all over; it started hot, and then faded fast. No durability whatsoever.

    Why is this show still on? I couldn't get to the remote before the opening monologue finished, and there wasn't a single thing said by the very unfunny Elvira that even remotely provoked a grin.

    This is by far the worst show on telelvision...and obviously the 'live' crowd feel the same. Why would the producers choose to include that smattering of broken laughter, anyway?

    Popcultured should have to pay us to watch...and pity the products advertised during show breaks. Consumers like myself are so disgruntled by the 10 minutes of network airtime preceeding them, we feel like taking it out on Captain Crunch too.

    Boo, Comedy Network! Boo!
  • A bad canadian attempt copy of the daily show

    This has got to be one of the worst shows on T.V, Elvira Kurt always makes fun of Michael Jackson (she tells one joke almost every night and everyone of the jokes suck), and every cast member on the show bores me to death. I thought it was a good show at first but if you watch night after night you may start to notice that it is repetitive and stupid, that is my opinion.
  • It isn't hillarious but it does have its moments!

    I think you guys are being a little to hard on this show. I have seen some of Elvira Kurt's old stand up acts and they were alright. This show has never made me laugh out loud but it does give me the odd chuckle here and there. I don't think it will last very long and personally I don't really care and I won't be sad at all when its cancelled. I also don't watch it very often. I saw the first few episodes but I quickly stopped after that because it often wasn't that interesting. But I do watch it if I'm bored and there is nothing better to do.

    So my final say is: I don't care for it that much. Go ahead and cancel it because the only person who will care is Elvira Kurt!
  • Popcultured has potential. It's made me laugh out loud!

    Popcultured is a new Canadian comedy show that pokes fun at the overthetop infotainment shows like "ET" and Canada's "E Talk Daily" and "Insider". Viewers here in Canada have both lynched and loved it. I enjoy the relatively new to TV cast. Elvira is a solid host with a stable voice. Strong performances by reporters Laurie Elliott, Levi MacDougall and Ellen McKinney have kept me watching. Give this show time. I see potential. I think the flaw is that the show is fighting to be so current that it's over the heads of the audience. Let us catch up. Not everyone is as in tune with who's who in Hollywood as you. Inform us, please! But keep the funny!
  • Popcultured is the worst TV show in the history of the universe! And no I\'m not exaggerating!

    Popcultured is the worst show I\'ve ever seen. It\'s supposed to be a comedy show about recent pop cultured happenings but all of the stories are stale and the jokes are not the least bit funny. The kind of stuff you can see coming and have heard a million times before! The host and cast are awful and the writing seems like it was done by a group of five year olds. The interviews are especially bad! Boring and with people nobody\'s ever heard of.
  • Popcultured is a terrible, terrible show

    {I'm ashamed that Matt Stone and Trey Parker were on this show. I'm sure if they really knew what went on in this show, they would tear it apart.}

    I'm ashamed that a show like this is even on television. This show lowers the standards of television. It may even lower the standards of living in any country. It's possible to sit through this entire show and not laugh/smirk/smile once. It's kind of scary how un-funny this show is. The jokes in the show are akin to a very old person poking fun at the most mundane things.

    This show is just inexplicably bad. If this is Canada's reply to "The Daily Show" then every single Canadian should just shave their head and shoot themselves right now.
    Some jokes are even directly lifted from "The Daily Show" i.e. The Tom Cruise Scientology joke {which didn't exactly work on the Daily Show so why the hell did they think it would work here?}.

    The audience is the weirdest audience I have ever heard on a show like this. It's like they're all drugged or retarded ...or dead. They either laugh like hyenas at the most unfunniest of things or they just chuckle politely when no one is talking. It really has to be heard to be believed. It’s quite creepy and shocking.

    All in all, this show is just an embarrassment to television. It's an embarrassment to human nature. The masterminds of human kind in all their vast intellect can absolutely not all evolve and lead up to something like this.

    I kind of feel sorry for the people involved with the show. I'm sure they think they are all very funny, and probably hung out in those cliques where everyone was ugly and ...made bad jokes. God, the jokes are awful. It’s like poo. There might as well be poo coming out of their mouths.

    This show has to die.