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  • Not bad,but it could be funnier

    Popetown is a controversal cartoon that makes fun of pope and corrupted catholic church.It was banned in many countries,but honestly,it isnt that offfencive.
    I myself am a little dissapointed with this show.
    It should be about a senile pope who is living his second childhood,but this pope is obiviously a little kid who sounds like he is beeing voiced by a girl with a cold.If he was acctualy an old man,the series would have been A LOT funnier,now you just feel like you want to spank the little brat.
    The rest of the characters are pretty good.
    Father Nicolas is a responsible young man who is popes personal assistant and only one keeping the Church from falling apart.
    Sister Marie is an adorable naive nun who always misunderstands what is told and makes the situation worse.You just gotta love her.
    The 3 cardinals are evil and corrupted and only think of how to make more money.They are the true villans of the show.The dim witted one is pretty funny.
    Father Bush(or Bosh) is one of my favorite characters.He is sociapathic old priest and a zoofil,but sadly never succeds in cathing an animal.
    Other minor characters are pretty good.
    So the only bad character is pope himself.They just need to make him old,then this show would be hillarious.
    The humor is acctually pretty good,but a little too much potty humor mostly coming from the pope himself.And some scenes are a bit too cartoony and arent involved in Catholic life at all.
    Like when the pope swollowed a sworm of bees and he was floating like a ballon.That cant happen in real life.
    The creators should keep it real.We want funny but realistic situations.
    This show was sadly,cancelled,and didnt have enough time to develope.You can still find all the episodes on Joost.Give it a chance,most of the jokes are hillarious,just ignore that little spoiled monster that is suppost to be pope.Boy,he is really annoying.
  • Popetown is the story of Father Nicholas - possibly the only person in Popetwon who is intelligent and free of vices. Father Nick has to keep the place in order, while every other member of Popetown seems to be introducing chaos.

    Each episode of Popetown opens with a 'Live Action Sequence' - a school classroom scene where the theme for the show is introduced by human actors.
    Father Nicholas was a teacher at a Catholic school before taking up his post at the Back Office of Popetown, so the allusion is that the scenes with the teacher are a peek at Father Nicholas' earlier life.

    In the cartoons that follow the regular themes and characters are:

    Father Nicholas: Intelligent and responsible - the glue holding Popetown together.

    The Pope: A child, with the weaknesses typical of a juvenile character.

    The Cardinals (3 of them): Greedy for wealth, and corrupt.

    Sister Marie: Nice but dim. She's an aide to Father Nick.

    Sister Penelope: Popetown TV reporter. Vain and self-centred.

    Father Bush: the most controversial of characters, Father Bush has a fascination for animals, and the common perception among viewers is that his vice is lust!

  • This show isn't funny.

    I mean, I hate Catholics just as much as the next person, but this show is reeeeaaaally unfunny. I live in New Zealand which is where this show first premiered, and seriously, nobody I know likes it. Everyone was all "Oh yay! Popetown looks soooo funny I can't wait" and then we all watched it and the next day everyone was all "That isn't funny". That's all I have to say. But the minimum is one hundred words. So I'll just repeat myself. This show is not funny. This show is not funny. This show IS NOT FUNNY. Okay? Not funny.