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  • Season 1 Episode 9: Day Trip

  • There's a weakness of the animation shown in the final scene.

    The foreground (characters) are animated separatly from the background (buildings) during production, with the foreground simply being overlaid over the background to get the final print.

    However, during the zoom out from the crowd in the final scene, you can see the crowd area shrinking when compared to the area of the courtyard that they occupy - so the foreground and background zooms were out of proportion to each other.

    This sort of oversight is typical of many cartoons, particularly when characters feet seem to slide across the ground during walking sequences.

  • Sister Marie claims to have never before left Popetown, and is scared and ignorant of the world outside, but in 'The Big Game' she left Popetown as a player in a world-class football team.
    Continuity of storylines should have seen this episode screen before The Big Game.

  • Season 1 Episode 4: Trapped

  • Despite their vows of celibacy, it is becoming clear in this episode that Sister Marie fancies Father Nicholas. And Father Nicholas fancies Sister Penelope.
    Sister Penelope however only fancies herself, and the camera.

  • Season 1 Episode 1: The Double

  • Take a really good look at the background art - the building walls, ceilings, and the outdoor views (computer models) of the buildings.
    The background art is fantastic - beautifully detailed and rendered surfaces, and vibrant colours - quite in contrast with the relativly 'standard' animation of the characters in the foregroung artwork. In fact, the foreground animation is pretty cheap at times, making the gorgeous backgrounds even more obvious.

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