Popeye the Sailor

(ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • POPEYE seeks rest and contentment in his easy chair but his four little musical nephews have other ideas. / POPEYE and Bluto desire to win government contracts to build ships, and vie with each other in constructing the biggest and best ship in the shortest time. To the winner is to go a huge contract. / POPEYE and Bluto are on a battleship anchored off a tropic isle. The big-muscled gob is dreaming about Princess Alona who is really Olive Oyl in a sarong.moreless
    • POPEYE meets a tough hombre who not only eats nails but chews up tin cans and other hardware. He's Billy da Kid, alias The Hungry Goat, and he causes big trouble when he gets on board a battleship. / POPEYE'S four nephews unwillingly sample a plate of spinach and then give their uncle a hard time. / POPEYE'S four little nephews welcome him back from the war zone with a home front defense drill that nearly wrecks him.moreless
    • POPEYE joins the US Navy and routs the enemy in a one-man battle, but not before he causes his commanding officer plenty of aggravation. / Bluto thinks he needs a complete rest; POPEYE, however, soon teaches him that honest toil is best as he puts him through a workout in a rest hospital. / Sailor POPEYE, faced with many menial tasks, fastens a couple of mops to the prop of his plane, substitutes water for bullets in his machine gun and goes about cleaning the deck of the ship.moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1