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Episodes: 12 colored episodes (all half-hour) First Aired: July 17, 2003 Last Aired: October 2, 2003 Age rating: Teenagers (May contain bloody violence, bad language, nudity) Genres: Comedy, Drama, Supernatural
Three sisters. Ai, Mai, Mii and their housekeeper android Mea live in a large old house which travels through time. The story is about the sisters search for a certain person and the affects moving through time has on the sisters as they have adventures and make friends only to have to leave again. It also shows throughout the series the affects the sisters have on the lives of the people they have interacted with. Characters: Ai is the oldest of the three sisters. She possesses the ability to speak to any kind of flowers, most importantly the popotan (dandelions). Ai might not be the brightest, but she has a heart of gold and is always ready to help out. Just don't let her get anywhere near the kitchen... Mai is the resentful sister. She resents being forced to live like a nomad, having no other permanent friends. Every time she makes a new friend, she has to leave him (or her) as the house warps through time. This causes her great emotional pain. Her dream is to become part of a real community, where she can create lasting relationships with everyone around her. Mii the youngest of the 3 sisters loves anything soft, and being a Magical Girl. She loves plushy things such as cheeks, frogs, and breasts. Opening Song: "Popotan hatake de tsukamaete" by UNDER17 Ending Theme: "S-U-K-I" by Funta Note: This series is fairly heavy on the fanservice the story is good, the animation is fairly impressive, its a 16+ rated anime, with some mature topics of discussion/situations The series was dubbed by the Ocean Group and is a 3 DVD release.moreless
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  • One day a boy named Daichi goes to the mansion on top of a hill, that is said to be haunted. So he goes up to the mansion expecting to take a picture of a ghost, and what does he find 3 very perverted girls and their maid.moreless

    When I saw the first episode, the beginning of it just looked like another sweet short story about love. Instead it was perverted and hilarious, the opening seen was very unexpected, and the whole popotan thing is interesting, the way that the girl can talk to the flowers. This is a really good show, but it's definately not for children.
  • Not For Everyone

    Popotan is not my favorite anime. But if you like Fan-Service and interesting plot lines, watch it, it is worth it.

    In a nut shell is is about 3 sisters and a maid that go through time and that's about it...

    It sounds worth then it is, they don't always help the people that they are with on their trips, but most of the time they do. they aren't sure why they travel...the house they live in just starts to get these 'things' over it and they leave...

    As a read this I see I did not do a great job reviewing this, but well...watch it and find out for yourself.moreless

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