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In Deep Water

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Tyler goes underwater at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium Research Institute in California where he uses a remote-control operated vehicle called a ROV and explores the largest submarine canyon on the continent's West Coast. With deep sea depths reaching more than 10,000 feet, Tyler assists scientists in the search for never-before-seen life forms at the bottom of the ocean floor. Then he goes to Jules's Underwater Sea Lodge, which is a hotel underwater! Built in a lagoon some 30 feet underwater, the Lodge has only four rooms each with its own supply of air sent down from the surface using an umbilical cord device. Ordering air gives a whole new meaning to the term 'room service'. Charlie's adventure is a bit fishy this week when he makes tracks in a swimming pool showing us all kinds of ways to increase our own buoyancy. He explains what kinds of fins give the most speed, what kinds of bathing suits gives the most speed and how fish swim.moreless
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