Season 2 Episode 2

Baby, Don't Do It!

Aired Unknown Sep 29, 2000 on The WB

Episode Recap

Bobbi Glass (with her new nickname, Claw) has a new experiment for the students: they have to take care of baby dolls as if they were real babies. Everybody gets one, except for Lily who shares the doll with Carmen. Because they don't know the baby's gender, they name it Hilaryswank - neither a boy nor a girl. Brooke is too busy because she is moving to San Francisco with her mom, and doesn't have time to take care of the doll. Emory's twin sisters, Emma and Emily (Em&Em) come to Kennedy High looking for lessons from Nicole and Mary Cherry on how to become popular. Too busy teaching the girls and organizing a party that will define popularity, they handle their babies to a British nanny, who eventually abuses them. Carmen, concerned about the unpopular group, decides to help them, but neglects her baby. The twins become too powerful and turn against their teachers. Nicole and Mary Cherry decide it's time to stop them and put things back on track. Meanwhile, Sam decides to help Mike and she convinces Brooke not to go by teaching her a lesson.