Season 2 Episode 17


Aired Unknown Mar 16, 2001 on The WB

Episode Recap

Nicole decides to reclaim her power and destroy the Glamazon team. To do this, she becomes Vice President of Kennedy High, and then works to discredit April Tuna, the President.

Meanwhile, Harrison and Josh need to beef up their extra-curriculars for the sake of college acceptance. They decide to join Emory's John Travolta club, but when it becomes apparent that at least one school activity must be cut due to budgetary concerns, they both decide to run for president of the club after convincing Emory that a strong president could help. Lily also enters the dance-off, but Josh wins anyway, only to have the club dissolved by Nicole.

Nicole is able to use Emory and later Principal Krupps to implicate April in making weird sex videos, and finally has her sent to a juvenile detention facility. With April gone, Nicole is returned to a position of power. The Glamazons are disbanded, and Nicole is happy at long last.
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