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Ten years later...

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    This marks the decade anniversary after the short-lived show, which was not only discontinued, was also messed-up by the TV critics, who were despicable to it for no reason. But the TV critics did not see how many Popular fans watched this show at all. It deserves a second chance by being continued . The reason why? There is an official petition website of Popular available and alive with over 4600 signatures:


    Ryan Murphy and Gina Matthews, who created and produced this show, are not yet over it, even if Ryan is still currently creating and producing "Glee". There might be a chance that they will continue Popular in the future. The same characters are going to be played by new actors and new actresses with close resemblances to the original ones. It needs to be put into a different network and, this time, it won't be messed-up nor discontinued.

    Here's the question: "Will Popular be continued?" Most of you say NO, but the answer to this situated problem is YES. Popular deserves to be continued.

    For now, I will retire from Popular and this board officially. But if this show comes back sometime in the future, then I will return and solve this situated problem.

    But for now, So long, everyone!

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