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Season 1 Episode 19

Hard on the Outside, Soft in the Middle

Aired Unknown Apr 27, 2000 on The WB
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Episode Summary

Hard on the Outside, Soft in the Middle
After the three girls experience several fallouts due to their hair color, the unpopular girls make a bet with the popular ladies that blondes do have an advantage. This creates huge shock waves through Kennedy with the blondes becoming brunettes and the brunettes becoming blondes. The only downfall: the losers get Mohawks. Meanwhile, Sugar Daddy and Josh compete for the affections of an attractive foreign exchange student.moreless

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  • Its an awsome episode and it tells you that what ever hair colour you are it doesnt matter it only matters that you have skill(bowling)

    I think that this is what happens in everyday life. I experience this in my own life,see at my school there is 2 groups of girls that everyone knows 1 group is popular and the other group is not! The popular group has only blondes in it(Im one of them)and the unpopular group either has redheads or bunnettes.One day my friends went to go talk to the unpopular people and told them we all wanted to be friends,they all agreed.So to even this they are still our friends and theres no more unpopular group or popular group either we are all just a bunch of friends having fun to make the year go by!moreless
Niecy Nash

Niecy Nash

Teacher/Lil' Babe

Guest Star

Jon Polito

Jon Polito

Caesar Croutons

Guest Star

Double J

Double J


Guest Star

Diane Bellamy

Diane Bellamy

Principal Hall

Recurring Role

Adria Dawn

Adria Dawn

April Tuna

Recurring Role

Robert Gant

Robert Gant

Vice-Principal Calvin Krupps

Recurring Role

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    • Glass: Brilliant work McPherson.
      Sam: Thank you.
      Glass: Enjoyed it.
      Sam: Miss Glass, may I point something out to you Sir? Even though my presentation is stunning, these pages are blank. I didn't have time to do the report because I was too busy blowing my hair straight.
      Glass: Oh, missed that. Enjoy the A.

    • Brooke: You guys, come on, we can win without financial bribery.
      Nicole: Hon, update for ya - as Brunettes our only power is money.

    • Mary Cherry: How much did you pay for that lobster, Elf?
      Lily: Three dollars, Mary Cherry, and Caesar threw in an ambrosia salad to boot. Looks like someone's power base is slipping, brownie.
      Mary Cherry: Caesar Croutons, I will pay for Lil' Babe, one million dollars!
      Caesar Croutons: Your performance in "Nuts" give Caesar Croutons nightmares to this very day. You money no good here, Barbra Streisand!

    • Nicole: Maybe, maybe we're a little different brown, and possibly Barbra-possessed, but we're still us. Put us in light or dark meat boxes at KFC and the crowds will nibble us to the bone on an equal scale. Now, we're gonna go out into those halls, that we own, and be worshipped per-usual as the goddesses we are.

    • Nicole: Oh, you know, even with hair the colour of dung I still look hot.

    • Harrison: Hey everybody, this is Exquisite Woo.
      Mary Cherry: Let's get one thing straight, china girl, the only thing exquisite in this school is my ass!

    • Nicole: Well, that was sarcastic… which I enjoy.

    • Glass: While we're on the topic of hair miss Mc-rat's-nest, may I tell you that the messy braids and the drab coffee color you've been sporting on your noggin this year, not only detract from your looks but might force me to knock your current B grade to a C!
      Sam: That is just wrong.
      Glass: No, that's natural selection.

    • Sam: Wait, you are admitting to me that the only reason Brooke got a higher grade on her natural selection report is because her paper was packaged better?
      Glass: (whispering) Are you taping me?
      Sam: No.
      Glass: In that case, yes I admit it.

    • Merry Cherry: Little Eddy's successor, his sister Lil' Babe, is mine. And soon she too will be swimming into my potent stomach acid. In short, Lil' Lily – Eat me!
      Lily: Believe me if I wasn't a vegetarian, Merry Cherry, I would!

    • (Bobby Glass hands out papers)
      Lily: An F?! This is an outrage!
      Glass: A ten page, single space diatribe entitled "Merry Cherry Must Die", while amusing, just gets you a big 'ole case of the flunks.

    • Mary Cherry: Tofu my ass, that rocks!

  • NOTES (1)


    • (Carmen asks why Sam wants to dye her hair blonde)
      Sam: Because I'm worth it.
      This is a direct reference to the popular L'Oréal campaign slogan.