Season 2 Episode 19

I Know What You Did Last Spring Break!

Aired Unknown May 04, 2001 on The WB

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  • Sex, Lies and Truth all come out in this episode. The title explains it all…I know what you did last spring break!

    This episode was great. It was a great way to make the stories of what everyone did on spring break come out. All the main characters had their time to shine this episode. The whole group was going to go away together for spring break but when Mary Cherry books them on a not so great airline, they all decide to not tell their family and go their separate ways for spring break. Of course Sam And George stay together and Lily and Josh stay together, But the others go off alone...or so you would think. George and Sam go to George’s house for the week…little did they know that could be the last week they are together. Josh and Lily try to spend there time together at school…But it doesn’t work out either because of the unexpected guest. Mary Cherry does a soft porn movie thinking it would make her famous and Brooke and Harrison get ‘Busy’ all by their self’s.When all the fun and games are over and its time to go back to school…they all do and see each other again. Their First class of the day was with everyone’s favorite teacher, Miss. Glass. She makes them write down where they went for spring break... most people just write down…Spring Break On MTV or something teen-ish but Harrison says he goes to a different place, a place where everyone has a deadly sickness and when Miss. Glass see’s that, she puts a whole lock down of the whole school and guess who the person is stuck sharing the room with Harrison…Sam… In this episode A killer comes and tries to make everyone think that they need to tell what they did on spring break but in the end no one has a sickness and the killer is some women wanting revenge on Mary Cherry.
  • when a serial killer attempts to hunt down the teens something goes awry in this silly and very mocking episode.

    mary cherry is of course the highlight of this episode with her monumentally scratchy voice. she steal the episode which is overall very messed up although ther eis no actual bodycounbt the killer terrorizes the teens in very obvious horror film spoofs (such as sarah michelle gellars classic IKWYDLS scene) however if you were to wtach this episode as your first episode it may turn you away from the show but for series regualrs it is just another classic episode of the sometimes nutty teen angst series.
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