Season 1 Episode 2

Mo' Menace, Mo' Problems (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 30, 1999 on The WB
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Mo' Menace, Mo' Problems (2)
After learning that she did not make the cheerleading squad, Carmen decides to skip classes - making Brooke feel guilty. Sam tries way too hard to impress the popular crowd and Mr. Grant, which creates upset amongst her friends. While both the popular and unpopular crowds are in for a surprise that will flip their high school lives around.moreless

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  • Absolutely Genious!

    Ok so by now we know all the characters and a little about their personalities... It still doesn't show the new viewers on how funny this series truely is! In this episode you'll laugh your ass off with Mary Cherry and Nicole I have probably watched it 2 times already and when I watched it a third time I still laugh! Like it has always been said, there has never been another Mary Cherry on t.v... Nicole was good at what she did also!

    This episode was very well written, there are some moments that just put a knot in your throat, and stabs you in the heart, moments when Brooke and Carmen have a small chat about their pasts, also when Lilly goes to cheer Carmen up.

    I think that the two parents sudden engagement seemed a bit unrealistic, but trust me it made for a great story! And that you'll be sitting at the edge of your seat when you witness the extremely different worlds of the two groups collide for the first time!

  • Brooke and Nicole are given nasty looks when Carmen doesn't make the squad. Carmen's dissappearence helps Lily stick up for herself in biology. Harrison helps Sam realize she is only trying to be like everyone else that she says she is against.moreless

    It was so random and twisted that Brooke and Sam's parents turned out to be seeing each other without their daughters knowledge. I thought it was a good story line to show how determination can be passed down when one person makes a difference as Lily and Carmen's situation portrayed. It was such a typical scene when Brooke shuts down Josh for auditioning for the school play. I thought it was a funny scene when Sam goes out to dinner with Mr.Grant. What on the earth was she thinking? I found this episode was both funny and emotional as Carmen's situation about being overweight affected her after not making the squad and Brooke's situation about being anorexic after her mother left her dad and her. All in all the episode portrayed reality very well with the situations that they had in the episode.moreless
  • Ch-Ch-Changes

    A major improvement on Popular, Round One, part two of the pilot has the characters becoming better developed and everybody getting at least one moment in the spotlight.

    Mo' Money, Mo' Problems has Sam going on a date with Mr Grant, Carmen missing after her cheerleading rejection and Brooke and Nicole organising a very exclusive party. Meanwhile, Josh has pressure put on him to quit the play.

    This episode may as well have been called "The Truth Hurts" as this hour features two instances in which the characters are shown the harsh realities they are living in. First, Harrison tells Sam that she isn't different; she's just exactly the same as every other person in high school, desperately wanting to be popular. Secondly, Carmen tells Brooke how it feels to be the outsider.

    Like the pilot, it's Tammy Lynn Michaels and Leslie Grossman that steal the show, with their constant bitching between Nicole and Mary Cherry, which finally culminates in a fight over Sugar Daddy.

    And that ending, wow! A well written and sometimes hilarious episode.moreless
Darryl Theirse

Darryl Theirse

Wayne Vincent

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Ali Landry


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John Caponera

John Caponera

Coach Peritti

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Natasha Pearce

Natasha Pearce

Lady T

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Hank Harris

Hank Harris

Emory Dick

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Diane Bellamy

Diane Bellamy

Principal Hall

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    • Nicole: Hi, Brooke? I think you should give her a five-fingered salute across her smug, little face.
      Lily: Nicole, you are such a total bitch.
      Nicole: Oh yeah? What's up G? Bring it on!

    • Sugar Daddy: What's up my brother? Yo, man, I've been blowin' up your celly-cell all night.

    • Mary Cherry: Nic, I just love that silver Gucci-esque outfit I saw you buying at the mall. You wearing that to the party?
      Nicole: Mmm-hmm...
      Mary Cherry: With strappy sandals?
      Nicole: Mmm-hmm...
      Mary Cherry (intensifies): And a smokey eye? And a full pink lip? And a blowout so straight it'll make your back bleed?
      (Nicole turns, Mary Cherry smiles)
      Mary Cherry: ...very Gwyneth.

    • Freddy Gong (knocks the books out of Brooke's arms): Satan!

    • Bobby Glass: Mr Dick, if I catch you playing another rousing game of tic-tac-toe with your lady frog's ovaries, we're gonna have a throwdown.

    • Mr. Vincent: Don't you have a highlighting appointment to go to?
      Mr. Grant: My hair is natural!
      Mr. Vincent: (scoffs) Hmm.
      Mr. Grant: Hey! I surf.

    • Nicole: Ok, whatever. Listen up, mouth breather! If you and your "Ross: Dress for Less"-friends do not stop sending me horrible hate mail, I will return-to-sender times ten. And to update, just 'cause we're friends, choppers, Debbie Gibson isn't coming back and neither is acid-washed.

    • Nicole (about Josh): He's bringing our rep down. I think you need to withhold feminine favor until that athletic supporter is firmly in place.

    • Lady T: I heard also, Josh and Brooke are over because he made the musical. And that downward move was not condoned in their Aryan Nation domination handbook. And this school is trippin'.

    • Freddy Gong: I heard Carmen dropped out 'cause she couldn't take the humiliation after the skank ho cheerleaders bagged her ass.

    • Sam: Cancel my subscription, Brooke. I'm over your issues.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Nicole: Single White Female needs to be stopped by any means necessary.
      Single White Female a reference to a movie starring Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh, where a woman's roomate starts imitating her, then tries to steal her boyfriend and kill her.

    • Lily: Rosa Parks
      In 1955, Rosa Parks was a seamstress in Montgomery, Alabama, an African-American living in a city with laws that strictly segregated blacks and whites. When Parks refused to give up her seat to a white man, she was arrested and fined. The subsequent bus boycott, led by Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., caused a national sensation that eventually led to desegregation in the United States and the civil rights movement of the 1960s. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1996.

    • Nicole: Debbie Gibson isn't coming back and neither is acid-washed.
      Deborah Gibson was a succesful 80s teenage pop singer, better known as Debbie Gibson for songs like "Only In My Dreams," "Shake Your Love," and "Lost In Your Eyes."

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