Season 1 Episode 1

Popular, Round One (1)

Aired Unknown Sep 29, 1999 on The WB



  • Trivia

    • In the beginning of the show Brooke's dad buys her some pads; suggesting she's on her period; if she was on her period, why would she plan to sleep with Josh?

    • All of the extra names on Nicole's Laptop are assistants on the crew of Popular.

  • Quotes

    • Harrison: Sometimes. Under the right light, you totally escape troll status!

    • Nicole: Uh-huh I AM the Millennium, Thank you.

    • Mary Cherry: Um, y'all do I have to do the splits? I'm a Christian.

    • Nicole: I think I'm going to go get a muffin top, and VOMIT!

    • Nicole: There's something about Mary Cherry - mysterious transfer from Dallas. Talents include tumbling. So sweet I become diabetic in her presence. Her family is loaded. We're talking black gold, Texas tea.
      Mary Cherry: (mouths silently) Call me.
      Nicole: Hair needs work but I like her.

    • Nicole: Cheerleader wannabe roll call, sound off now. Dana Durham: trendoid wanna-beast. Yeah, hi Dana? Swing thing's like a year old. Pass!

    • Sam: So how was your summer Carm?
      Carmen: Oh galactically brutal. My Mom sent me to fat camp again, so basically I spent six weeks starving and singing Kumbayah.

    • Nicole: I am SO worshiping your Gwyneth-ness.

    • Nicole: What I mean is, we live in the age of Gwyneth and that is the standard by which all things are judged.

    • Lily: Rumour has it, Jewel never lived in a van by the river!

  • Notes

    • According to Ryan Murphy, the first two episodes of Popular were different to the other episodes in the show. This change was made to make the show more appealing.

    • The song playing during cheerleading tryouts is "Rock and Roll, Pt. 2" by Gary Glitter, a popular song at sporting events.

    • Formerly known as "The Phantom Menace", this episode was renamed in order to avoid legal problems.

    • Marissa Jaret Winokur, best known as Tracy Turnblad in the Broadway musical Hairspray, was the second choice for the role of Carmen.

    • Someone from the Lakers cheerleaders was brought in to help out with the cheerleading scenes in the episode.

    • Bryce Johnson wanted to sing his audition piece from 'South Pacific', but he didn't like how he sounded on the recording he made. So he settled for lip-syncing.

    • Creator Ryan Murphy wanted to have a original song in every episode like Sydney Forest's song in the opening credits to this episode. But she did not test well with audiences, so the idea was axed by the network.

    • At the time of this episode Christopher Gorham was told his character Harrison was going to be seen on a skateboard regularly, so he was taking skateboarding lessons, although his new skill was never seen on the show.

    • Popular's premiere followed the premiere of the third season of Dawson's Creek, but moved to its regular Thursday 8pm spot the following day.

    • Kip Pardue was originally cast to play the part of Josh Ford, but producers changed to Bryce Johnson, who fits more the jock stereotype. Scenes with him had to be reshot, but a few promotion pictures were released with him still as Josh.

  • Allusions

    • The Kennedy High Newspaper is called the Zapruder Reporter.
      The School is most likely named after U.S. President John F. Kennedy and the newspaper bears the name of civilian Abraham Zapruder who shot the infamous home movie of Kennedy's assassination on November 22nd, 1963.

    • South Pacific - South Pacific is a musical that chronicles two love affairs. The first involves Lt. Joe Cable and a young Polynesian girl. The second revolves around Nellie Forbush, a Navy nurse from Little Rock, and Emile de Becque (the role Josh gets), a French planter with whom she falls in love one enchanted evening. Rodgers and Hammerstein tied the two stories together by having Cable and de Becque go on a dangerous mission behind Japanese lines from which only one of them returns.