Season 2 Episode 21


Aired Unknown May 18, 2001 on The WB
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Both Brooke and Sam make a revelation on their Prom troubles with Harrison, Mary Cherry discovers she has a long lost twin sister, Josh and Lily adjust to life as a married couple, while Nicole takes matters into her own hands that will change everything.

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  • What was that haunting song!!!?

    Been trying to find that BGM when Josh ran away from making a sale to that old lady. It's driving me crazy. Google, musicmatch, musicID, lyricsfind couldn't help me at all! They all brought me to a random list of rap musics!@#$%

    The song starts at 32minutes 49seconds and the chorus went like this:

    "there's not a thing i wouldn't do

    nothing that you could put me through

    nothing that could keep me from you, nothing atmoreless
  • Wouldn't ever expect anything like that

    Damn, this one got me...

    At first i thought: "WHAT THE F...????"

    But then I realised, that this is the real life - it just doesnt't tumble in the way you want to..

    This episode is damn pastoral..

    It really biases to the look at the whole life from a completely different angle - only good intentions itself doesn't solve all of your your problems..

    Earlier I thought, that I wouldn't ever rate anything the maximum, however this particular episode is completely different from any other of this or another series...

    Painfull to watch? OH YEAH!

    Have you seen anything similar? HELL NO!!

    This is my conclusion - like it or not...moreless
  • it rocked!!!

    ok i agree why didnt they keep this show on? or at least had like that other person said ten minutes longer?? i will miss this show along with My So Called Life oh wow i never missed an episode if i could help it that show was more like real life as a teen then anything they have on tv now it took a long look at girls with issues and guys with issues and made you really want to keep watching it. someday i hope they bring back this show i will watch it again later !!moreless
  • ugh this was a good episode just wish that it had been extended for like another 30 mins!

    you can't have someone who is on a rampage run over someone else for a finale! But other than that the eppy was pretty okay, I really didn't like Josh and Lilly as a couple so I was glad that he realized it wouldn't work. Lilly is waaay to annoying for Josh for real, I mean she didn't even wanna have sex with him! And poor Mary Cherry! B HO just comes in and takes over her life! gahh I really liked this show, and im gonna miss it.moreless
  • Josh and lily have problems, harrison has to choose, nicole gets drunk, mary cherry is unloved, brooke is hit by nicole's car. What is there not to like?

    As everyone's favourite teen drama comes to u suddon and undeserving end we all cant help but dwell on the fantastic cliifs that the writers so cruely left us hanging with all those years ago. Harrion has to make the choise of a lifetime: the best friend or the blonde bombshell? Married life aint so good for Josh and Lilly as Claw (ms glass) works them to the bone. Nicole's former glamerous life collapses around her as her former best friend has said that they are over! Poor Mary Cherry is put up for adoption as B hoe shows up and ruins her life. Brooke storms from the prom after the nerve wracking decison and leaves us waiting to see if she survived drunk Nicole's car bumper.moreless


Sweet Honey Chile

Guest Star

Peggy Stewart

Peggy Stewart

Old Lady

Guest Star

Anthony Montgomery

Anthony Montgomery

George Austin

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Brooke and Sam name their little sister McKenzie, because the only thing they had in common when they met was the MC in their last names.

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  • NOTES (4)

    • On a WB promo, Promblems was advertised as a season finale.

    • The series ended on a cliffhanger solely because the WB told writers to continue doing so at the end of each season. As far as cast and crew knew, the series would be returning to tie up any loose ends left at the start of a 3rd season.

    • This episode was originally going to be a two part episode, but the WB cancelled it before the second part was shot.

    • Music featured in the episode:
      "Thank You" by Dido (in the scene where Josh and Lily realise marriage is not so easy)
      "Hard Knock Life" by Jay-Z (sampling from the musical Annie with Mary Cherry dressed as Annie in the orphanage)
      "Bodies" by Drowning Pool (Nicole driving before smashing the car).


    • During chemistry class, Bobbi Glass says that she'll stay at home watching a sweeps episode of Providence. Diane Delano, who plays Bobbi Glass, guest starred in the same show a few months before this episode aired.

    • This episode named is called Promblems, a portmanteau of 'Prom' and 'Problems', because most characters in this episode have a problem going to the Prom.